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How to Bypass Toro Brake Control Module: 4 Must-Follow Steps!

by Jason Ryffe
Reading time: 8 min Prefer to listen?

How do you bypass toro brake control module?

First, take the fenders out using a 3 8 socket. After removing the shell, you can locate the plug beside the lever. Disengage the plug from both sides and use extra wires to create a “loop.” Finally, get underneath the unit and take out the “park brake.” 

Still not getting the right idea? Cool, we are not leaving you with this short guideline. Yes, we will discuss every step for you to undertake this process without anybody’s help. So, let’s get started!

How to Bypass Toro Brake Control Module: Step-by-Step Guide

First off, you must learn how to check the problem properly. For that, pull the ignition on, and you will hear a sound. It showcases that the engine is engaging. Then, pull the lever. You are supposed to hear another sound. But, if you are not hearing anything, which means that the brake is causing issues. And that’s why you can’t start the Toro Timecutter.

That’s the reason why we will be learning how to bypass toro brake control easily. It is a better option for short-term troubleshooting the brake control module issues.

The park brakes will cost you something around $100. This is a pretty expensive deal for a product that doesn’t last that long.

Tools You Will Need:

  • TEKTON socket set
  • BOSCH 2 Inch T-30 Knox

So, here is the step-by-step method for you.

Step-1: Locate the Parking Brake

Firstly, we will remove the “park brake” from the system. For that, we first need to open the frame and locate the “black box.” It controls the braking system of this unit. Not just that, all the safety gears route through this unit as well. That’s why we had to warn you about losing safety features after this procedure.

Let’s do some real work. Go underneath the mower and try to remove the “black box.” Check out whether it connects.

Step-2: Remove the Fenders

Get your toolbox and take out the fenders. First, remove the cap. You will notice a little rope underneath to hold it. Grab onto it tightly and just pull it straight.

Make sure you grab onto the rope instead of the cap. Otherwise, you will mistakenly strip the rope away from the cap. With that out of the way, just lift out the fender. It will be a little heavy.

Step-3: Disengage the Brake

Get down and pull out the plug beside the lever. What happens is that this plug stops the liver from working correctly. It provides a signal about “brake disengagement.” So, where you see the micro-switch, you can easily find the plug there.

Now, go to the toolbox again and take out some wire pieces. Turn it into a loop and push inside the cord. It will work as a “jumper.” We will do the same thing for each side of the plug. You can put some electrical tape on top of the loop for safety purposes. Then, tie the plug to itself or get it out of the way.

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In case the model you use is a little older, you have to select the right wire based on the colors. Here, we will look for the “green” and the “black” ones.

Now, cut the edges until the inner copper wire is visible to you. Once you can see it, wrap the two wires together. You can use tape to wrap the joint. It’s completely optional. That’s all you do with those switches.

Step-4: Take Out The braking System

Now you need to go down again and remove the braking system itself. We have already bypassed it successfully. Just find out which bolt holds the brake and loosen it up. Once you do that, you can take out the little clips and washers.

Then, the “black box” will fall in your hand without any effort. Now that we have no “brake” to route through, you can go back to the business. To double-check, you can start the mower again and pull the lever. If it makes a sound, then congrats. You have just saved 100 bucks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Disengage The Parking Brake On A Toro Timecutter?

To disengage the parking brake, just take the “green” and the “black” wires. Cut both of them on edge. Then, splice them up together. Thus, you can solve the issue.

Where Are The Bypass Levers On A Toro Zero Turn?

Use a 3 8 socket to loosen the fenders on both sides of the mower. Then, remove the cup along with the rope carefully. Once the shell is off, you can find the bypass lever accompanied by the “park brake” plug.

Can You Manually Push A Zero Turn Mower?

Yes, you can manually push the zero turn mower if it stops moving. For that, move towards the back to find the “black sticker.” You will need to push the pin inside. Then, turn the “on” switch and it should be good to go!


No matter how many times you replace brake, it just keeps repeating history. Plus, nobody has the liberty to purchase a $100 brake every time!

That’s why we tried to show the simplest way to solve this issue regarding how to bypass toro brake control system. Although it is not the safest method out there, it surely is the cheapest option to try out. You can get away with this as long as you look out for any mishap or danger.

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