How Much Blood Meal Per Gallon Of Water?

by Shelley Ryffe
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How much blood meal to use for the plants? Did you read the instructions? As this organic fertilizer comes in varieties, you must know the right amount for each type.

Before preparing gardening beds, you need to apply the right amount of blood meal to the soil. Now, when you mix it with water, you need to follow the package instructions. However, often the instructions may not be clear to you.

So, How much blood meal per gallon of water? Below is the measurement that you should follow to mix the blood meal with a gallon of water.

How Much Blood Meal Per Gallon Of Water Should You Use?

Data Bridge Market Research shows blood meal is giving more market growth due to its high-efficiency effect on landscaping. But if you don’t know the proper use, all your efforts might go in vain.

So, knowing the right usage process is vital for the expected results.

Generally, the instructions for using blood meal come along on the pack you bought. However, normally, a basic measurement of water-soluble blood meal is 1 tablespoon per gallon of water. We recommend reading the instructions on the label before you use it, as the ratio for each type of plant may vary.

There Are Two Types of Blood Meal

  1. Water soluble
  2. Soil digested

Therefore, you can use blood meal in two ways. You can only dissolve the water-soluble blood meal in water. The other type, soil digested variety, will not dissolve in water, and as we have seen, it will not dissolve properly and remain a smelly, granular mess. Therefore, you must ensure that the pack you are using for your plants is water soluble blood meal.

Water soluble blood meal is easily dilutable in water. For this, you have to mix 1 tablespoon of blood meal in one gallon of water and dissolve it completely. Now, it does not have to be distilled or filtered water. Just plain tap water should do the job. Now, you can either pour the mixture into the irrigation drip line or water the plants as you usually do.

But what do you do with the soil-digested blood meal since most of the available goods are of this type?

Of course, do not dissolve it in water; rather, mix it directly with the gardening soil. Apart from the labeled instructions, the general ratio for soil digested blood meal is 1 cup per 20 square feet.

Now, if you are wondering how much blood meal per square foot, then I must say the ratio would be different. The square foot pots need only 1 tablespoon of blood meal. And for a hundred square feet area, you need 1 to 2 lbs. depending on the soil pH level.

Now, there is a specific time for getting a better result using the blood meal. And you can expect an overnight result from it. It is necessary to reapply the meal every six to eight weeks for better results. The timing can extend up to two to three months, depending on the growth of the plants. The ideal time for using blood meal is in spring when you start growing new plants and veggies.

What happens when you overdo it?

Does excessive blood meal harm the plants? Should you be measuring the exact amount to reduce the effect?

Anything excess is poison. Too much of this high-nitrogen fertilizer can harm your plants. Overusing it adds excess nitrogen to the soil, which can cause root damage. Besides that, it can also hamper flowering and fruiting. Therefore, the right measurement of this organic fertilizer is mandatory. You may need twice the amount if the soil pH level is low or if you have used the soil bed for two or more consecutive years.

This Video Can Surely Help You Get an Exact Idea of How to Use

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use too much blood meal?

A blood meal is a high-nitrogen fertilizer. Oversupply of this nutrient is harmful to the plants. You will notice a shortage of flowers and fruits if you over-apply the product. Additionally, it also damages the root and eventually kills the plant.

How is blood meal used as a liquid fertilizer?

Gardeners use blood meal by dissolving it in the water. When you mix it with water, you can apply it as liquid fertilizer. You can then use this organic product in garden beds as a substitute for chemical fertilizer. This liquid helps replenish nitrogen-deficient plants. It makes them more lush, green, and healthy.

Can you sprinkle blood meal on top of the soil?

Yes, you can sprinkle the soil-digested (the dry version, not water-soluble) blood meal on the top layer of the soil. However, it is best to dilute with water or mix thoroughly with soil for the best results. Still, you can just sprinkle on the top layer. Gradually, the fertilizer will reach the lower parts and provide nutrition to the plant.

Can you dissolve blood meal in water?

There are two varieties of blood meal in the market. One is for dry use, and another is water soluble. You can only dissolve the water-soluble blood meal and make a liquid fertilizer to fertilize the plants.


How much blood meal per gallon of water? Hopefully, you no longer have any more confusion.

Since the soil-digested dry version is widely available, you may confuse it with the water-soluble version. There you have to be careful.

Also, use the exact amount required per gallon and do the math beforehand to avoid any unpleasant circumstances.

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