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Do All John Deere Gator Oil Capacity is Same?

by Jack Grover
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How much oil does a John Deere Gator need? Depending on your vehicle, the engine oil capacity will vary.

Now for John Deere Gator, the oil capacity varies from one type of engine to another. For example, while 6×4 has 2 quarts of capacity, the 825i has 2.32 quarts of capacity.

Having said that, if you want to also find out about your John Deere Gator oil capacity, you’ve come across the right place. In this article, we’ll talk about the different capacities of gator engine oil. So let’s get started.

John Deere Gator Oil Capacity for Different Models

Off-road multi-functioning tractors like the John Deere Gator are great for getting about town or going a few miles. Also, it can be used for fishing, hunting, etc. However, you can’t use the Gator for any heavy-duty lifting.

The Work Series of Traditional Gator Utility Vehicles was designed for lawn care, landscaping, golf course maintenance, and turf upkeep in private residences. Now, as for the engine oil, John Deere Gator can be run in different series of oil with distinctive capacities. So let’s check out here.

Here’s the quick chart of different John Deere Gator oil series and capacity.

Gator ModelsOil TypeCapacity (In Liter)Capacity (In Quarts)Capacity (In Gallon)
6×4, 4×2SAE 10W-301.8920.5
4×4, 620i, 625i10W-40 Synthetic ATV/UTV1.291.370.34
XUV 825SAE 5W-302.192.320.6
XUV 590SXS Synthetic Engine Oil1.291.370.34
RSX 850, 860SAE 0W-403.243.430.9

Besides, if you need, you can learn more about John Deere Gator oil type with the most recommended oil suggestions.

4×4, 620i, and 625i Series

Now the John Deere Gator HPX 4×4 oil capacity is 1.29 liter. If you’re using the recommended oil regularly, you’ll be benefited from the performance of the oil that lasts for a longer period.

Similarly, both the John Deere 620i oil capacity and 625i are 1.37 quarts. Since the oils flow more easily at colder temperatures, there is no loss of quality. The oil’s viscosity is also very resistant to heat, friction, and chemical pollutants degradation. Moreover, 10W-40 is more popular due to its systematic functions.

6 x 4 & 4 x 2 Series

The commonly used Series of engine oil for John Deere Gator is 6 x 4 & 4 x 2. However, both the oil has the capacity of 2 quarts.

At temperatures as low as 4 degrees Fahrenheit, the 4 x 2 series is the engine oil of choice. Moreover, keep in mind that this motor oil should be used instead of other multi-grade oil when the temperature goes below -22 degrees Fahrenheit.

On the other hand, because of its lower density and superior performance, SAE 10W-30 can also be used with the 6 x 4 type engine oil throughout a wide range of temperatures.

590i Series

The John Deere 590i series has a capacity of 1.37 quarts that is specifically designed for a 4-stroke engine.

Furthermore, this oil is intended to fulfill the role of a high-performance engine lubricant in current vehicles as the Environmental Protection Agency mandated.

825i Transmission Series

For the series, 825i Gator SAE 5W30 engine oil is suggested that comes with 2.32 quarts of capacity. This oil has been formulated specifically for hydraulic transmissions and can function normally at any temperature below freezing without becoming frozen solid.

That said, the engine’s performance is significantly improved by using synthetic oil, which also helps remove excess pressure from the internal combustion system.

However, During the break-in stage of a brand-new engine, or when the engine has many miles on it, you shouldn’t use this synthetic oil since it’s too slick and prevents the new connecting components from working out as quickly as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much oil does a John Deere Gator 620i hold?

John Deere Gator 620i engine oil can hold 1.37 quarts. They can withstand high temperatures and the stress of strenuous labor or intense riding.

What oil does a John Deere Gator 6×4 take?

The oil capacity of the John Deere Gator 6×4 is 1.89L. It improves MPG and lowers oil usage in older vehicles. Due to its high-temperature stability and extended service life in high-load engines, multi-grade 10w30 engine oil is a great choice.

How much oil does a John Deere Gator 855d take?

John Deere Gator XUV 855Ds is powered by a liquid-cooled three-cylinder, four-cycle diesel engine. It includes a spin-on oil filter for simple maintenance and is intended to start fast in cold weather. However, John Deere Gator 855d oil capacity is 1.8 quarts.


Till now, you got to know about different types of John Deere Gator oil capacity and their specific oil requirements.

However, in most of the JD gator series, it needs 1.37 quarts of oil on average.

John Deere Gators are outfitted with everything you could possibly need, from standard features to optional add-ons, so that they can handle any job. So depending on what model you choose, the oil type and capacity will differ.

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