Kawasaki FR651V Oil Type – Things You Need to Know

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The Kawasaki FR651V engine is a popular choice among lawn mower users due to its high performance and reliability. But to ensure optimal output, selecting the correct type of oil for this engine is crucial.

When it comes to Kawasaki genuine oils, several options with different viscosities are available on the market. Knowing which is best suited for your engine depends on factors like the operating temperature and the climate in your region.

Generally, Kawasaki recommends using SAE 10W-40 synthetic oil for the FR651V engine. This viscosity grade offers a good balance between performance, fuel efficiency, and reliability.

However, if you live in an area where temperatures dip below freezing during winter, opting for a 5W-20 or 5W-30 oil might be more suitable. These thinner oils will flow better at low temperatures, offering easier cold starts and improved overall protection.

This guide covers the ideal Kawasaki FR651V oil type, along with some other things you need to know about Kawasaki FR651V engine oil. Let’s get started.

What Is the Best Kawasaki FR651V Oil Type?

Kawasaki’s FR651V engine is renowned for its top-notch performance and compatibility with various oils.

For most working environments, Kawasaki recommends using oils with API service classifications of SF, SG, SH, SJ, and SL. These diverse classifications are tailored for different conditions, ensuring optimal performance.

The company advises using Kawasaki genuine SAE 10W-40 synthetic blend engine oil designed explicitly for their engines. Nonetheless, any high-quality 4-stroke oil will suffice.

It’s crucial to note that oil selection should be adjusted based on weather conditions.

  • When temperatures soar above 104° Fahrenheit (40° Celsius), it’s recommended to use 20W-50 oil.
  • On the other hand, when temperatures drop below 32° Fahrenheit (0° Celsius), it’s advised to use 5W-20 oil.
kawasaki fr651v oil type diagram

Don’t underestimate the importance of engine oil, as mishandling it can lead to costly consequences.

Neglecting to use the appropriate engine oil can result in several adverse effects on your vehicle. For example, poor fuel economy could become a persistent issue, as your engine struggles to operate efficiently with improper lubrication.

At the same time, low-grade oil is more likely to break down chemically, leaving damaging deposits in your engine. It will invariably lead to increased wear and tear on engine components, shortening your engine’s lifespan.

How To Change Oil on a Kawasaki FR651V?

Changing the engine oil on a Kawasaki FR651V is pretty similar to other Kawasaki engines. However, to make the process as smooth and safe as possible, there are a few essential steps to follow.

Before you begin, make sure the engine switch is turned off. Choose a well-ventilated area to work in and clear it of any objects or materials that could potentially cause sparks or ignite a fire.

Once you’ve prepared a safe workspace, you can proceed further. Here’s how you should change the engine oil on your Kawasaki FR651V:

  1. Warm the engine a bit, and then pick a level surface to place the engine there.
  2. Have an oil drain pan ready and position it beneath the drain plug underneath the engine.
  3. Remove the drain plug carefully and allow the old oil to flow into the drain pan. Be patient; it may take some time for all of the used oil to drain completely.
  4. When all the old oil is drained, attach the drain plug and secure it. 
  5. Locate the oil gauge and thoroughly clean the area around it if it’s dirty.
  6. Remove the oil gauge and wipe it down with a clean cloth to eliminate any residue or grime.
  7. Slowly pour fresh engine oil into the oil tube within your engine.
  8. If you look closely, you’ll see a “Full” mark. Under no circumstances the oil level should cross that. 
  9. Once the oil level is satisfactory, reinsert the oil gauge, screwing it tightly to secure its position.

Following these instructions, you can easily change the engine oil on your Kawasaki FR651V engine, ensuring its longevity and peak performance. Remember the importance of safety throughout the procedure, and don’t hesitate to consult your engine manual if necessary.

Check Out This Oil Change Video

Warning: As mentioned above, never overfill the engine. If the fuel level rises and reaches the filler neck, you’re bound to face a whirlwind of problems.Overfilling an engine with oil can result in smoke billowing out, which is an evident sign that something is amiss. Excess oil can also cause the machine to function poorly and lead to issues such as reduced fuel efficiency or damaging vital engine components.

How To Change the Oil Filter in the Kawasaki FR651V Engine?

Changing the oil filter in the FR651V engine is a straightforward task that can be completed in just a few minutes.

To begin, gather your tools and materials. You’ll need a drain pan, a new oil filter, a wrench, and some fresh engine oil. Then follow the instructions:

  1. Position the drain pan under the engine’s drain valve, ensuring it’s large enough to catch all the oil that will be released.
  2. Carefully remove the drain plug using a wrench or your fingers, depending on the type of plug present.
  3. Let the old oil flow into the drain pan.
  4. Once all the oil has drained, locate the oil filter on the side of the engine.
  5. Using your hands or a suitable wrench, turn the filter counterclockwise to unscrew it from its housing.
  6. Coat the gasket on the new filter with fresh engine oil to ensure a proper seal and ease of installation.
  7. Once you’ve prepped your new filter, screw it onto the engine by turning it clockwise.
  8. When the new air filter is attached, let it sit for a few minutes. 
  9. After waiting, go ahead and use either your hand or a wrench to turn the filter a few more rotations clockwise.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully changed the oil filter on your FR651V engine.

3 Best Oils For Kawasaki FR651V Engine

Kawasaki 12PK Genuine OEM 10W-40 Motor Oil

This Kawasaki genuine OEM oil is the real deal regarding engine oils explicitly designed for SAE API service classified engines, such as the FR651V. Manufactured by Kawasaki, this motor oil guarantees top-notch performance for your vehicle’s engine.

Not your typical, run-of-the-mill lubricant, it boasts a 10W-40 synthetic blend formula. What sets it apart? For one thing, it comes in an economical package of 12 quarts — perfect for those who prefer stocking up to ensure they always have enough on hand.

Kawasaki KTECH 4-Cycle Engine Oil

Crafted for seamless compatibility with the FR651V engine, this high-quality lubricant goes beyond merely meeting requirements. It delivers exceptional wear protection, safeguarding your engine’s vital components from the wear and tear that comes with long-term use.

STP Premium Small Engine 4-Cycle Oil

Lastly, we cannot overlook STP Premium Small Engine 4-Cycle Oil. Intended for smaller engines like the FR651V, this oil features anti-wear technology, which has been expertly crafted to prolong the life of your machine.

Sporting a viscosity of 10W-30, it meets the specific requirements of small engines without compromising performance. As a testament to its dedication to extending engine life, STP Premium Small Engine 4-Cycle Oil offers superior protection against everyday wear and breakdown.

To Sum Up

If you’re searching for superior engine performance, selecting the proper engine oil should be at the top of your list. The type of oil you use can make a world of difference, keeping your Kawasaki engine operating as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Kawasaki genuine oil with a synthetic blend has been specifically designed for optimal performance in FR651V engines. The unique combination of synthetic and mineral-based oil offers enhanced protection against wear, minimizing friction between moving parts. It is the perfect solution to keep your Kawasaki engine running smoothly for years to come.

Apart from viscosity grade, ensure the oil you choose meets or exceeds the API service classification SG, SH, SJ, SL, or SM. This classification means the oil has been formulated with additives that provide adequate protection against wear, corrosion, and oxidation within the engine.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much oil does a Kawasaki FR651V hold?

The Kawasaki FR651V engine can hold approximately 0.58 gal (1.9 quarts) of oil when it comes with a filter and slightly less (about 1.8 quarts) when there’s no filter involved.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThis value may vary slightly depending on specific model variations, so it’s always a good idea to consult your engine manual for accurate information regarding oil capacity.u003cbru003e

What type of oil is best for Kawasaki FR651V?

Selecting the correct type of oil for your Kawasaki FR651V engine ensures its longevity and optimum performance.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eFor this particular model, the manufacturer recommends using high-quality SAE 10W-30 or SAE 10W-40 API SJ or SL type motor oils.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThese oils protect against wear, deposit formation, and other potential issues that may arise as your landscape equipment encounters varying environments and temperatures.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIn particularly cold temperatures below 32°F (0°C), SAE 5W-30 oil becomes a more suitable choice to maintain efficient engine operations, while SAE 30 oil can be used at higher temperatures above 50°F (10°C).u003cbru003e

How often should you change the engine oil?

A proper oil maintenance schedule is essential for maintaining the exceptional performance and long-lasting durability of your Kawasaki FR651V engine. Ideally, you should perform an oil change after the first eight hours of usage or 50 miles (80 kilometers), whichever comes first.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAfter that early step, the subsequent frequency of oil changes depends on your specific usage patterns and environmental conditions. Generally speaking, changing the engine oil every 100 hours of use or once per season is advisable.u003cbru003e

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