Kawasaki FX850V Oil Type, Viscosity, and Everything You Need to Know

by Jason Ryffe
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Is it time for your Kawasaki FX850V series oil change? Then, you surely want to know what kind of oil does a Kawasaki FX850V use? Mostly, conventional oils are preferable for this vehicle. However, you can use synthetic oils on Kawasaki. In fact, synthetic oils will give you good engine performance and a better warranty.

Still, a few questions remain about viscosity and Kawasaki FX850V oil type. You may also want to know whether these oils require additives. The following texts will answer all your questions. Stay tuned and get the right things known.

Kawasaki FX850V Oil Type & 5 Recommended Oils for Your Vehicle

The Kawasaki FX850V usually uses 10W40 grade oils. For most of these lubricants, you may not need any additives to use. Kawasaki FX850V mainly uses conventional and synthetic varieties.

Besides, you need to ensure that the oils are SF, SG, SH, SJ, or SL API ratings passed.

The following chart will let you know the recommended oil for Kawasaki FX850V.

Recommended OilsViscosityOil types
Castrol Magnatec10W-40Semi-Synthetic
Rotella15W-40Synthetic Blend
Kawasaki10W-30Synthetic Blend
Mobile Turbo10W-40Conventional

Castrol Magnatec 10W-40 Synthetic Blend

Castrol Magnatec is a high-temperature lubricant deliberately manufactured with synthetic base stocks and has a very high lubricating capability. It requires some additive, and precise additive addition will result in a fluid that resists high-temperature breakdown.

It will also avoid the creation of sludge or carbon, usually created by petroleum products. This leads to longer equipment life, limited maintenance, and improved efficiency with less costly downtime. This oil is the best option for your Kawasaki FX850V series.

Kawasaki 10W-40 Synthetic Blend

Kawasaki 10W-40 is a synthetic oil with higher levels of zinc components. It minimizes abrasion and extends the motor life span. Its good detergency and antioxidant properties keep the Kawasaki’s small block engine from deposits and the motor clean. This oil needs no additives. If you see, the Kawasaki FX801V oil type is also the same.

The OEM Kawasaki 10W-40 engine oil provides excellent lubrication, wear reduction, and strong film strength. This results in excellent engine performance and fuel economy.

Rotella 10W-30

You can use Rotella 10W-30, a synthetic blend oil, with your Kawasaki FX850V. It is designed to provide you with the assurance of protection. It defends against contemporary driving situations like stop-start driving, city idling, towing big loads, and interstate acceleration.

The productivity of the Kawasaki FX850V construction, quarrying, and mining equipment is increased by the innovative formulation design of this engine oil.

Kawasaki 10W-30

The oil is ideal for many medium and high-class vehicles, including the small block Kawasaki FX850V. The 10W-30 grade oil satisfies the demands of the cold area with its flawless low-temperature starter performance. It promotes energy efficiency with its outstanding fuel economy.

For the Kawasaki FX850V, Kawasaki 10W-30 is suggested because of its excellent detergency and dispersancy. As a result of the regular start-stop motion of city traffic, it effectively prevents carbon deposits and sludge buildup. Its exceptional anti-wear and anti-oxidation elements completely shield Kawasaki vehicles’ small engines. 

Mobile Turbo 10W-40

Mobile Turbo 10W-40 is a conventional oil with a premium multipurpose additive system. The Kawasaki FX850V model will work effectively with this oil.

This high-quality oil and its cutting-edge additive system work together to prevent the buildup and creation of sludge in Kawasaki engines. It lessens oil thickening, increasing the life of the oil and preserving the quality of your brand-new Kawasaki. Its higher oil viscosity guarantees adequate metal surface protection at higher temperatures, preventing engine wear. It reduces oil consumption and exhaust emissions because of its minimal oil evaporation loss.

ACDelco 10W-40

Under various atmospheres, the Kawasaki FX850V engine is compatible with this high-performance oil. It is created using a unique blend of chosen mineral oils, a synthetic base fluid, and the appropriate additive technologies. The ACDelco 10W-40 is designed to provide complete engine protection and enhanced performance compared to traditional oils.

This May Be Helpful in Oil Change!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much oil goes in a Kawasaki FX850V?

The Kawasaki engine capacity is 2.4 liters. So it can’t take much more than this. The maximum power you can get from this engine is 19.6 KW (26.3 hp) / 3600 rpm. The engine is designed for use in commercial heavy-duty lawn maintenance. It offers you the highest levels of performance and durability because it is built with high-quality parts and materials.

What oil filter does a Kawasaki FX850V take?

The Kawasaki FX850V usually takes an AM107423 oil filter. However, it’s compatible oil filter parts numbers are 49065-7010 and 49065-2071. So, if you want to replace the oil filter for your Kawasaki FX850V, you should consider these.

What is the horsepower of a Kawasaki FX850V?

27 HP is the typical horsepower for the Kawasaki FX850V engine. The engine can take any load you put it through. It is expertly constructed to provide power for your most challenging tasks.


We hope you have learned valuable information about the Kawasaki FX850V oil type and its characteristics. The oils are mainly synthetic based and preferable for almost all the vehicles of the Kawasaki brand. However, you should consider the weather while using these oils. Low grades oils are much more appropriate for cold weather.

To protect your engine and make it last longer, we suggest these 5 mentioned oils for your car. Using them lets you trust these brands and keep a healthy engine life.

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