Kubota B2601 Problems: The Problems You Weren’t Aware of

by Jack Grover
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Kubota B2601 Problems

Unfortunately, some Kubota B2601 problems arise among users, such as the engine not starting or an issue with seating the backhoe. But how bad are these problems, and what are the solutions?

We’ve tested B2601 vigorously to find problems and studied multiple customer reviews to fact-check our claims. We can say that the problems aren’t that bad from our testing, and they’ve possible solutions.

In this article, we’ll present the most common problems with Kubota B2601 alongside the right fixes.

Kubota B2601 Problems And Solutions

From the spec sheet, it’s clear that Kubota B2601 is a bargain-basement tractor that has all the important features. Unfortunately, with prolonged use, the tractor shows some common issues.

Let’s go over some of these problems and how you can fix them.

Engine doesn’t startReplace damaged part
Soot buildupDrain fuel & clean fuel tank
Battery failureCheck your engine
Overheating / Clogged air filterClean air filters/vents regularly
Backhoe seating problemCheck if there are no loose screws
Stiff treadle pedalLubricate pedal
Quick tach loader leakageSeal fitting gaps

Engine Start-Up Issue

Engine startup issues are the most common with Kubota B2601. More than 50% of users have complained about facing this.

There are a couple of possible reasons for this. Among faulty parts, a dead battery, malfunctioning safety switches & ignition key, spark plug problems are most notable.

Impurities in the fuel filters may be the culprit too. These cause blockage in the fuel tank, hampering proper fuel flow to the engine.

How To Fix

For faulty parts, the solution is simple. First, identify whether a part is damaged. Then you can simply buy a new one and replace it. Check if you’ve got a replacement warranty left, then you can save a lot of money.

For fuel blockage and impurities, make it a habit to check the fuel tank regularly — preferably once every couple of months. Drain and clean the fuel tank properly if it’s clogged up. This should solve the issue.

Frequently Oil Changes Due To Soot & Clogs

We noticed you’ve to make oil changes due to engine soot frequently from our testing.

Soot and clogs can cause the engine to go bad altogether. The most common reason for clogs and soot is diesel mixing up with gasoline within the fuel tank. This causes engine problems during winter and cold temperatures.

Although soot is a naturally occurring phenomenon, too much can damage and maybe even break the engine.

How To Fix

You’ve to drain all the fuel and thoroughly clean the fuel tank to get rid of soot and clogs. If parking brakes are damaged, try to get them replaced as well.

Battery Failure

Some users complain that battery is a huge Kubota B2601 problem. Due to a faulty battery, sometimes the engine starts and powers up but can’t move more than a few meters.

One reason for this is the engine mixing gasoline and messing up the consistency. Either the fuel is too light or too thick. This creates added pressure on the carburetor and tractor battery.

How To Fix

Get your engine checked. Try consulting a professional as this is a technical issue.

Overheating & Clogged-Up Air Filter

In Kubota B2601, air filter clogging is a common issue. Without proper ventilation, the engine and battery can’t cool themselves, thus causing overheating issues.

Clogged-up air filters cause engine complications too. They hinder proper gasoline flow through the engine, thus stopping it from producing necessary power and starting up.

Sometimes, cooling fins get damaged, too which exacerbates the overheating issue. If the issue isn’t solved, too much pressure is put on the engine, and it might break completely.

How To Fix

Alongside clearing your fuel tank, make it a habit to clean the air filters and air vents regularly as well. If you notice the cooling fins are damaged, get them replaced ASAP as they’re relatively inexpensive.

Backhoe seating Problem

The reversible backhoe seating system on Kubota B2601 is often problematic. But as a compact vehicle, it makes sense it has backhoe loader connecting issues.

Other than that, the problem with connecting loader on backhoe can be resolved by some simple screw tightening.

Treadle Pedal Stiffness Issue

The treadle pedal system that sends signals to the hydrostatic transmission system often feels a bit too stiff. We’ve noticed you need to apply a bit too much pressure, so much so that the pedal feels jammed at times.

When the pedal is pushed to reverse, it takes a lot of effort to bring it back forwards as well.

With prolonged use like this, knee pain and other inconveniences were noticed.

The main two reasons for this are lubrication issues and bolts fitted too tightly.

How To Fix

Luckily, the fix is quite easy. First, lubricate the pedal adequately with enough oil. This smoothens up the pedal.

Next, loosen all the joints and bolts to your liking. Make sure you don’t go overboard, or the pedal will come off completely.

Quick Tach Loader Leaking

A few customers have reviewed that the quick tach loader has leaking issues at times. This happens primarily due to various loose ends in different fittings and unclosed seals.

Another reason is power imbalances in the hydraulic circuit.

How To Fix

This issue can be fixed in a couple of ways.

First, make sure there are no sealing issues around the fittings. If so, you can use the right tape or pads to seal it up and make it leakage-free.

The hydraulic fluid filter should be examined regularly. You should regulate the fluid to provide optimal power to fix power imbalances. You should replace the hydraulic filters and fluids every 400 hours as a general rule.

Contact your nearby auto repair store if the issue still stands and get the fittings checked and replaced.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Kubota B2601 made in America?

Yes. Kubota is an American company. B2601 belongs to the B series of tractors, and it’s manufactured in Texas, America.

What’s the lifting capacity of Kubota B2601?

The tractor can lift an average weight of up to 430 kg or 948 lbs.

What’s the cooling system of Kubota B2601’s engine?

The engine of 26 HP is liquid-cooled. Liquid-cooling is much more efficient than relying just on air ducts in the work field.

How can I fix the spark plug issue in Kubota B2601?

The spark plug causes the main ignition in the engine to burn gasoline. If it’s faulty, you’ll have to replace it with a new one.

What’s the engine type of Kubota B2601?

It’s a 26 HP 3-cyc diesel D1105 type engine.


Hopefully, you’re now well aware of Kubota B2601 problems before you decide to buy one.

With prolonged use, all machines give up at some time. Kubota B2601 is no exception. If you know the problems beforehand, you’ll know what you’re dealing with.

With the fixes we’ve suggested along the way, we hope you’ll have no problem fixing the issues if they ever arise.

We wish you the best of luck.

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