Ryobi 4 Cycle Leaf Blower Problems

by Jack Grover
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Ryobi 4 Cycle Leaf Blower Problems

It’s that time of the year your trees have started to change color. It’s time to take out the leaf blower. But you find your blower won’t start. This is the most common among several Ryobi 4 Cycle Leaf Blower Problems. Some other issues you might face with the Ryobi leaf blower are overheating and fan blade problems. And you can solve them yourself too.

The leaf blowers spend a lot of their time packed in a box or shed, so they tend to show problems starting up. They spend a lot of their time not working. So, the parts inside get clogged up.

However, as we said, most of these problems are temporary and can be solved very easily.

Let’s see!

Ryobi 4 Cycle Leaf Blower Problems

The first step to start the process of fixing comes after locating the problem.

Here we will discuss all the possible problems with the  Ryobi 4 cycle leaf blower and their detailed solutions below the table.

Common ProblemsSolutions
The trigger doesn’t have sufficient power.Change the switch
Overheats and shuts downUpdate the trimmer
The blower won’t startReplace the fan

How to Change the Switch

Here we go with the steps on how you will be able to change the switch of the leaf blower to solve the lack of power in the trigger.

  • First, you need to disassemble the machine. Then you can get a view of the inside angle. Most of the time, it’s the fan. It doesn’t switch properly. It lacks grip to turn.
  • There you will find plastic in the shaft. See if the plastic has expanded. This plastic slip which ultimately causes the fan to lose torque.
  • You need to replace the plastic or epoxy the area. The goal is to make the plastic go back to its original square shape.

The main connection of the fan and the output shaft is through the plastic. So It is undeniably the most important part of the equipment.

How to Fix Overheating Problem

Overheating is one of the common issues of the leaf blower. This problem decreases work efficiency as the machine completely shuts down or needs time to cool off. The work that could be done in one go gets divided into several.

  • To fix the overheating issue, take a pack of the heat sink. The one preferable to the Ryobi 4-Cycle leaf blower is 28mm * 28mm * 8mm.
  • Next, get thermal glue. If you face trouble finding the glue, ask for the ones car enthusiasts use to fasten on their controllers.
  • Glue one of the heat sink to the smoother surface of the controller that is on the opposite of the fan.

Through this technique, you will get relief from overheating issues. You can complete your yard work in one go. There is another way to fix the overheating issue. Sometimes what happens is the controller inside the machine gets overheated.

The motor inside the machine has a fan attached at its end. The fan blows air into the motor, so it doesn’t let it overheat. It cools the windings in the motor.

Though the fan cannot do all the work. The controller remains beside the motor, which manages all the functions of the motor.

So you can install another fan on the backside of the motor, so the controller cools down too. This way, the overheating issue can be avoided.

How to Replace Fan Blade

Sometimes the blower doesn’t start due to a faulty or age-old clogging fan on the motor. So, it is necessary to install a new. We have discussed the procedure to install a new fan here.

  • First, take off all the screws and take the leaf blower apart.
  • After all the screws have been taken apart, move the handle switch.
  • Detach the shaft from the motor housing. Then slide the shaft out of the housing and set it aside.
  • You will see the fan when the shaft is detached. Take a ratchet with a ½’’ socket to remove the nut. Turn it in the clockwise direction to remove the nut after removing the fan, and screw the nut back for the new one’s installation.
  • After you have secured the new fan, slide the shaft back into the motor housing. Then screw back all the screws in their respective location.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does a leaf blower die when there is gas?

If the leaf blower’s air filter is partially plugged, it can die when gas is given. A clogged carburetor is another reason for this. The fuel, over time, turns sticky, clogging the carburetor.

Where is the spark plug in the Ryobi leaf blower?

The spark plug is inside the cover of the motor. Take the cover off and locate the spark wire first to locate the plug.

When does the Ryobi battery flash red and green?

The Ryobi battery flashes red and green when the battery is over-discharged.


Ryobi leaf blowers are great. They work very well. Many users can still face issues starting since they are not used it for a long time. Most of the Ryobi 4 cycle leaf blowers problems remain clogged or overheated. Nevertheless, they are all fixable. For someone who uses these regularly, these problems are not a problem.

It is always advised to stick to the manual. Every model is different, and they all have other functions. In this article, we have discussed some of the most common issues with the Ryobi Leaf blower. We have addressed the issues and the solutions. We hope you found the article helpful. We are ending the article by answering some questions.

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