5 Common Scag Patriot Problems+ Quick How To Fix!

by Jack Grover
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Scag patriot mower is a zero-turn commercial mower. Though the professionals favor it, the common Scag patriot problems cannot be overlooked. This riding mower running on a 22HP Kawasaki engine overheats easily. So, you might have a tough time starting the mower.

Moreover, it leaves long grass behind in many cases while mowing in uneven land. Thus the finishing is not so satisfactory.

Apart from this, there are some issues with steering height, mower switch, self-life, etc. Now the question is – how are you going to deal with these problems in your Scag patriot mower? Purchasing a new mower won’t be economical. Instead, you can apply some DIY tricks to solve this problem and use the same Scag mower year after year.

Scag patriot problems

Scag Patriot Mower Problems

Scag Patriot Mower Problems
Starting problemsFix the bad solenoid and check the positive battery connection
Unadjusted steering leverAdjust seat lever according to your height and comfort
Surging noise from the engineClean the dirty carburetor
Blades not workingChange the damaged switch
Blowing fusesChange the ignition switch or magneto properly

The most used Scag patriot52 mowers have a sharp blade with a cutting diameter of 52 inches. Though the mower features an advanced instrument panel, the operation may not be comfortable all the time. So, explore the fixes to avoid any headaches with the ScagPatriot.

Fixing-01: Starting problem

Most of the people complained about the starting issue of the Scag tiger mower. There might be two reasons behind it. One- the connection is altered, or something is off with the solenoid.


  • New solenoid
  • Protective gloves
  • Screwdriver
  • Extra nuts

Steps To Follow:

  • First, turn off the ignition switch.
  • slightly lift the mower seat and look for the connection terminal order
  • Unscrew the battery from the box
  • Unmount nuts from the posts using a screwdriver.
  • Remove the old starter solenoid.
  • Install a new starter solenoid and connect all the wirings.
  • screw the nuts in the post
  • Pace the battery in the battery box.
  • Close the seat and try starting the mower again.

Problem-2: Unadjusted steering lever

If you are too short or too tall, the steering issue can be a massive problem of discomfort. You can manually adjust the Scag turf Tiger steering lever to make your mower comfortable.


  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver

Steps To Follow:

  • If the mower is running, turn off the engine.
  • lose the knob to move the steering lever Back and forth
  • Adjust the seat according to your height and comfort.
  • Reinstall the knob once the steering lever is adjusted.
  • similarly, adjust the opposite lever
  • Unscrew bolts from the handle and adjust them according to the lever.
  • Fix the handle and again screw the bolts in place.
  • Turn on the engine and check if all the adjustments are comfortable for you or not.

Problem-3: Surging noise from the engine

A noise engine can ruin your mood for mowing. This is not something familiar for an ideal mower. The main reason why your mower engine is making such a surging sound is its dirty carburetor.

Other than this, clogged air filters, old fuel, and air leaks add to the problem. Always monitor the Scag check engine light codes to get notifications about any problems.


  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Carburetor cleaning agent.
  • a clean cloth

Steps To Follow:

  • Turn off the mower engine.
  • Then remove the mower frame and the air filter.
  • unscrew the bolts on the carburetor
  • Remove the carburetor from the housing.
  • Use a carburetor cleaner spray to remove all the dust, dirt, and debris from the carburetor and wipe the excess with a clean cloth.
  • Then replace the central gasket.
  • Install the new gasket between the now and the frame of the carburetor.
  • Screw the bolts of the carburetor.
  • Clean the clogged air filter and install it.
  • Close the mower frame and restart the engine and check for any noise.

Problem-4: Blades not working

The mower blade is the main point of attraction in a riding mower. Malfunctioning blades cannot evenly cut the long grass. Try to look for any abnormality in the switch and wiring.


  • new switch
  • safety gloves
  • pliers
  • wrench
  • screwdriver

Steps To Follow:

  • For personal safety, start with turning off the whole mower.
  • Then unscrew the bolts of the switching housing in the mower.
  • Look for the damaged switch.
  • Remove all the wirings from the old switch using a plier.
  • Reinstall a new switch in the same location.
  • Reconnect all the wirings to the new switch.
  • Attach the switch housing.
  • Turn on the mower to check if the blades are working or not.

Problem-5: Blowing fuse

No matter how many times you install new fuses, a malfunctioning ignition switch will pass a large amount of current to blow off the fuse. Then how can you sort out the Scag patriot fuse box issue?


  • new ignition switch
  • Screwdriver
  • plier
  • wrench
  • Safety gloves

Steps To Follow:

  • lift the mower seat
  • switch off the ignition key and unscrew the bolts holding it together
  • Disconnect wires from the negative terminals of the battery.
  • Remove the ignition key from the housing.
  • Connect all the cables at the back of the new ignition switch and install it in the mower.
  • Reconnect all the cables with the negative terminal of the battery.
  • Place the seat appropriately.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Scag Patriot a commercial mower?

Scag patriot is a zero-turn professional-grade mower with a 54-inch heavy-duty blade. It is commonly used to mow commercial fields and playgrounds. So you can say that it is a commercial mower.

How fast does a Scag patriot go?

The 22Hp Kawasaki engine in the Scag patriot mower produces sufficient energy to run at a speed of 10Mph at best.

What deck does a Scag Patriot have?

As a commercial mower, this Scag patriot zero-turn mower has a heavy-duty cutter deck. In addition, this specific patriot mower of the Scag series has a factory-built velocity plus deck. The cutter deck measures about 52-61 inches.

Final Verdict

All the electronics start to lag off when they are used for a long period. But if you find any Scag patriot problems after using it for the first time, you can mail their service care and get the necessary fixation.

But it is best to have some basics about the mower problem. This will help you to combat any crisis while mowing. Moreover, it helps to save some time, energy, money, and enthusiasm for work. You don’t need any special qualifications to apply the above DIY troubleshooting procedures. Hope that it will be helpful for you!

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