What Year Is My Toro Mower Made?

by Jack Grover
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Determining the manufacturing year of your Toro mower is vital for several reasons.

For example, this knowledge can help you put a reasonable price on your lawn mower when you decide to sell it.

Knowing how to check the manufacturing date might also be helpful if you’re looking to purchase a used mower. This way, you can recognize bad offers instantly and make the right decision.

The key to the whole process is finding the mower’s serial number. The mower’s production year is typically indicated by the second digit or, in some cases, a combination of this number’s second and third digits.

Join us as we present a detailed explanation of the method to estimate the manufacturing year of your Toro mower below.

What Year Is My Toro?

The formula for figuring out your Toro mower’s manufacturing year isn’t as complicated as you may initially think.

When the serial number is nine digits long and starts with 3, your mower was made somewhere between 2010 and 2016. The second and third digits represent the exact manufacturing year of your Toro mower.

Here’s a list of examples:

Serial NumberManufacturing Year

For the Toro mowers made between 2001 and 2009, the formula is a bit different. This time, your mower’s serial number will start with 2, and you need to only look at the second digit.

The table below presents the possible combinations:

Serial NumberManufacturing Year

If your serial number starts with 4 and is nine digits long, your mower is from the year 2017 up.

Conversely, if your mower’s serial number is five digits long, it’s a mower from 1999 down.

In such a case, the first digit of your serial number determines the manufacturing year.

Serial NumberManufacturing Year

You can also get the year by visiting Toro’s official parts’ viewer page.

Where Can I Find My Mower’s Serial Number?

As mentioned above, identifying the manufacturing year of your Toro machine requires looking up its serial number. The process itself is quite straightforward.

However, various Toro mower models have these numbers placed in different locations.

For Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers

If you have a Toro walk-behind lawnmower, you can find the model and serial numbers on the deck.

The position of the numbers on the deck can vary. It can be on the back or front of the machine. Alternatively, you may find it attached on the side.

Where you’ll find the number in your particular case depends on your lawn mower’s model.

For Toro Lawn Tractors

You can locate the model number of your Toro lawn tractor by finding the sticker attached to it.

You can find this sticker in one out of five easy-to-locate spots on your Toro lawn tractor. They are as follows:

  • Underneath the seat,
  • On the dashboard,
  • Adjacent to the steering column,
  • On the Footrest,
  • On top of the Mower deck.

For Zero-Turn and Rear-Engine Models

In the case of these machines, the first location to check is right beneath the operator’s seat. It may seem odd, but it is one of the most common hiding spots for these numbers. 

If your search comes up empty, move on to the side panels next. Often, you can find the serial number stamped or stickered in this somewhat more visible area. 

Another location is the engine frame, often overlooked but could be where your machine’s identity lies.

Other potential spots could include the right side of the control lever or under the fuel tank.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the manufacturing year of your Toro lawn mower comes with many benefits. As such, it’s no surprise that many homeowners want to learn how to estimate it.

Like all mechanical devices, Toro lawn mowers are prone to damage and malfunctions. Sometimes, a specific part might start showing issues or cease to function entirely.

Instead of completely replacing the machine, it’s economical and logical to replace the faulty part. However, you would require the exact model and manufacturing year for this replacement.

Having precise details in such a situation is crucial. Therefore, determining the age of your Toro products becomes a critical factor.

Follow the technique we presented, and you’ll soon discover the year your Toro equipment was made. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell what year my Toro mower is?

Determining the age of your Toro mower can be done by decoding the serial number. Depending upon the mower model, this serial number is found on a sticker or metal plate located in different areas.

How can you tell how old a lawn mower is?

Quite simple! To know how old a lawn mower is, have a look at its identification tag, usually somewhere on its body or under the seat.

By looking at the model and serial numbers, you can quickly determine the year the mower was made.

If you’re unsure, you can always contact authorized Toro customer service. They’ll be able to give you exact details.

How do you read a Toro model number?

The Toro model number, similar to the serial number, offers an easy way to identify your specific piece of equipment. When looked up on Toro’s website or user manual, this three to five-digit number gives a detailed description of its specifications and features.

What year is Toro model 20334?

The Toro model 20334 was manufactured for many years, going back as far as 2009. Thus, to determine your mower’s production year, you’ll need to decode its serial number.

If you don’t know how to do that, follow the method outlined in the article.

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