Common 6 Bad Boy Maverick Problems And Their Solutions

by Jack Grover
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Do you know what the common bad boy maverick problems are? Commonly, it shows malfunctioning while mowing. It can usually stop working suddenly. Engine not getting proper fuel and air can result in stopping the machine.

With the help of their symptoms, it is possible to detect bad boy maverick problems. Then it would be easy for anyone to fix those issues. This article will provide you with the best problem identification & solution. Let’s not wait anymore and get started.

Bad Boy Maverick Problems with Fixes

Bad boy maverick mower problems are too many to describe. However, machine/engine not starting, vibrating, or shaking while using are the most common problems. This article will cover all of the issues below.

Problem NamesCauses For Such Problems
Engine Don’t StartOld Or Dirty Components
Vibrating Or ShakingBroken Or Loose Parts
Bad Hydrostatic TransmissionFaulty Hydraulic Belt
Uneven CutFaulty Blade & Deck
Gas LeakageFailed Carburetor
Smoke Come OutBad Fuel & Internal Engine

Engine Don’t Start

The bad boy maverick mower stops working when the engine doesn’t start up. This issue is caused due to its bad components.

Often people forget to fill the tank or remove old fuel. It causes the engine not to work. Simply refill the fuel or change it. A clogged fuel cap can stop fuel flow in the engine. It needs deep cleaning or replacement.

Moreover, clogged fuel filters, fuel pumps & fuel lines can cause fuel to not flow in the engine. Dirt deposits can be removed at home. But in severe clogging, replace it or clean it using a professional.

Dead batteries, loose cable, and recoil can fail to start a bad boy maverick. Make sure to test each of the things before replacement.

Vibrating Or Shaking

Many people have faced the issue of shaking or vibrating while using the bad boy mower. Broken or loose parts are the main cause of this problem.

Engine bolts play a vital role in maintaining a smooth run. Loose or missing engine bolts need to be tightly placed to stop the vibration.

Clutch failure can cause the shaking too. It can’t be repaired without professional help. Unbalanced mower blades and clogged blade spindle can create vibration too. It needs to be checked along with the housing. Any kind of debris around the blades is problematic. Ensure debris removal to solve bad boy maverick mower problems.

Bad Hydrostatic Transmission

Bad hydrostatic transmission happens mainly due to a faulty hydraulic pulley or belt. Low or old hydraulic oil is another cause of bad transmission.

Firstly, look for a faulty drive belt as it stops the pump work. The faulty belt should be replaced.

The tensioner belt or pulley can fail too. This tensioner pulley has to be installed newly. Another common cause is old or low hydraulic oil, as the system doesn’t get the required lubrication. So, ensure proper hydraulic oil to solve the issue.

Uneven Cut

Everyone wants an even cut on their lawn. So when the mower creates an uneven cut, it’s the most frustrating.

Faulty blade & deck are the main cause behind the uneven cut. Worn or bent mower blade can cause up and down in the speed of the machine.

Also, the wrong installed blade can cause damage to the deck shell. These cause an uneven cut in the lawn.

Sometimes clogged or faulty decks can operate incorrectly, causing an uneven cut. Blades and deck need a replacement for a solution.

Gas Leakage

A failed carburetor is the main reason behind gas leakage in bad boy maverick mower problems. It can create clogs from old gas or other parts failure. It has to be cleaned nicely and install new parts.

 Fuel components like faulty fuel filters, pumps, and tanks can clog or leak. They all need replacement. Moreover, the fuel shut-off valve can be faulty, causing a gas leakage. Take help from a professional for replacement.

Smoke Coming Out

Smoking is the most alerting among the bad boy maverick mower problems. It can happen due to three major reasons.

Firstly, water entering the fuel system can create smoke. Due to a hot engine, oil or fuel inside can start burning. Lastly, engine oil leakage or spill can be behind this issue. It’s hard to identify them without a proper check.

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After checking, make sure to fix using a professional. Excessive oil can cause pressure on the tank.

Also, low oil can cause severe friction causing the oil to be hot. The internal engine is one of the reasons for this issue too. However, internal issues like valve train and piston ring need to be repaired with professional help.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you adjust the steering on a Bad Boy mower?

Turn the adjustment bolt counter wise to adjust the steering on a Bad Boy mower. This would help in reducing lever travel. Also, the steering lever can be increased by turning the adjustment bolt counterclockwise again. Lastly, restore the nut and press it hard.

What kind of engines do Bad Boy Mowers have?

Bad boy mowers have two kinds of engines, such as Kawasaki and Kohler. Kawasaki engine ranges from 4800/5400 to 726cc with air-cooled FR651. Also, the Kohler engine is similar to Kawaski. Kohler ranges from 4800/5400 to 725cc with air-cooled 7000. Kawasaki was mainly built for commercial settings.

u003cstrongu003eHow much does a bad boy maverick cost?u003c/strongu003e

A bad boy maverick can cost around $6,299 to $6,949. The price difference is mainly due to deck size and engine. Engine with 25 HP price starts from $6,299 to $6,499. All three 24 HP models are comparatively expensive, starting from $6,699 to $6,949. And engines with Briggs CX125 are in this range of deck sizes 48, 54 u0026amp; 60 inches.


To summarise everything, bad boy maverick problems shouldn’t be neglected. Later on, they can damage the mower completely. It’s better to trust an expert if you don’t have to want to fix it. It’s not hard to identify & solve bad boy maverick mower problems.

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