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7 Cheapest Way To Fertilize Large Lawn You Shouldn’t Miss!

by Jack Grover
Reading time: 9 min Prefer to listen?

What is the cheapest way to fertilize large lawn? Making a DIY homemade fertilizer using Ammonia is the best and cheapest idea ever. However, Alcohol or baby shampoo can be used in making the best homemade lawn fertilizer, here that we will disclose.

You won’t have to worry about it as this article will cover every possible way to fertilize a large lawn within budget, how to make homemade fertilizers, and their effectiveness.

So you won’t have any more confusion and learn more about fertilizing lawns. Let’s start digging and explore more.

Cheapest Way To Fertilize Large Lawn

best homemade lawn fertilizer,

Maintenance also brings additional cost count when you have a pretty bigger lawn. And so, if you know some of these practical and effective DIY fertilizers, think how much they can save you!

Firstly, we would say you can go for a homemade fertilizer. It’s possible to make fertilizer with what you have in front of your eyes. And here we have got 7 cheap fertilizers or alternatives to expensive fertilizers.

Here are the things you can use to make a mixture of fertilizers.


Homemade lawn fertilizer with beer is very popular as it delivers nutrients to the grass and the bacteria. Since it is fermented, it is beneficial and helps in proper growth.

Baby shampoo

You can use mild baby shampoo but not antibacterial soap. The non-bacterial shampoo is suitable for grass, making the ground absorb more. This shampoo can also help the soil open up to soak in nutrients.


Ammonia is essential to provide nitrogen. You can find it in any grocery shop labeled as ammonia hydroxide. It is a mixture of Ammonia and water, which is also safe for household purposes and plants.

Try adding Ammonia as it is rich in nitrogen, and plants can’t live without nitrogen. Ammonia helps a lot in making a natural grass fertilizer homemade.

Club soda

Carbonated water is a source of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and good sodium like baking soda. It is helpful for growth and to make a deep green lawn due to high sugar.

Epsom salt

It is a source of magnesium and sulfate. Epsom salt is beneficial for plants and grass. Always use Epsom salt, not table salt, which might kill the grass.

Use Mouthwash

Sounds weird, but effective yet. Yes, you can use any cool mint-type mouthwash as a cheaper fungicide alternative.

Supergreen lawn tonic

Now let’s get into the central part to make a Supergreen lawn tonic. For this, take-

  • One bottle beer
  • 1 cup of baby shampoo
  • 1 cup of club soda
  • 1 cup ammonia
  • ½ cup Epsom salt
  • Minimum 38L water

Notes: This measure is for 1 sq.ft. lawn

Step 01: Mix them well with water in a big container with a lid to make cheap fertilizer for the lawn. Add the mixture to a hose-end sprayer like a 32 oz sprayer hose container.

Step 02: Now apply the fertilizers evenly and thinly on all parts of the lawn. Don’t let the nozzle linger in one place for a long time. Try to give some water lightly while Fertilizing. Using water during fertilization helps to feed the roots.

Step 03: Reapply the fertilizers every two weeks, maintaining the pH of the soil between 6 to 6.5. Please don’t put too much fertilizer as it can inhibit the growth of the grass. Put water along with fertilizers if it hasn’t rained for a long time. And try using it when the temperatures are below 85-90 degrees.

Do a test on whether they work well or not as different places have different climates. Monitor and keep a watch. In this way, you can learn more about how to fertilize the lawn yourself.

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Besides, you can also use a homemade fertilizer lawn spreader to save a few more bucks when you have a large lawn to cover.

Also, people suggest using granular urea if you can opt for some better but less expensive fertilizers to cover a large lawn.

Is The Fertilizer Tonic Work Good?

We guess this fertilizer is cheap yet the best one as it gives all that a lawn needs at a reasonable price. It’s a subtle way to nourish the grass to stay healthy with good bacteria.

Long-term usage of chemicals kills good bacteria. So this organic and homemade fertilizer reduces the use of more chemicals.

Precautions regarding fertilization-

  • Read the label before using every chemical product. Please pay close attention to how much Ammonia or alcohol is to be used and how long you can use it.
  • After applying the fertilizers, wait for 24-48 hours and avoid using the lawn. Especially pregnant women, kids, and pets have to be safe from it.
  • Don’t put too much fertilizer as over-fertilizing can burn the grass. Always follow the recommended amount.
  • Choose the organic fertilizer which is made from worm compost or manure. It, at a time, remains safe and provides nitrogen to the grass.
  • As the clippings decompose, mulch them back to the grass while mowing. It is the cheapest way to fertilize.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Cheaper To Fertilize Your Own Lawn?

Yes, it can save a lawn owner about 10% to 15% more than hiring a professional lawn care operator. But it costs your time and capability.

How Much Does It Cost To Fertilize A Tree?

The average price to give the service can be 100$ to 350$. But it depends upon the size or variety. The larger the tree, the more it will cost to fertilize.


Thanks if you are still here. Hopefully, we have crafted an excellent article to find out the cheapest way to fertilize large lawn. Here’s the most affordable way you can follow, from making fertilizers to applying methods.

This article will help you to choose the right and easy way to find how to fertilize large lawns based on your preferences. We have discussed here everything you wanted to clear your confusion.

But before wrapping up, we would like to remind you that all you are using to make fertilizers are chemicals. So take safety precautions before getting to work.

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