Why is the Greenworks Chainsaw Not Oiling and How to Fix it?

by Jack Grover
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Why is your Greenworks chainsaw not oiling? The main reason behind this is the oil hole of the chainsaw has gotten clogged. To fix this, you must clean the oil hole carefully, following the necessary instructions.

A well-functioning chainsaw needs a good oil bar. Without being oiled probably, it will cause too much friction and stop going around the bar, rendering the chainsaw useless. If you are facing issues like your Greenworks chainsaw oiler not working, this guide is for you to understand it better.

Why Is The Greenworks Chainsaw Not Oiling

The oiler in your chainsaw is one kind of pump that automatically pumps oil in the chain bar to keep it lubricated. The chainsaw will stop working as the bar won’t move around without proper lubrication. Greenworks chainsaw oil pump might stop working for a very few reasons.

You can check the list of possible reasons your Greenworks chainsaw oiler not working and some possible solutions for them in the table below:

Reasons For Greenworks Chainsaw Oiler Not WorkingPossible Solutions To Try
The oil tank is empty.Refill your oil tank
The oil hole is clogged.Clean out the chain and bar
An incorrect oil bar is installed in the machine.Replace the incorrect bar
Damaged chainInstall a new chain

How To Diagnose Your Greenworks Chainsaw Oiler Not Working?

If your Greenworks chainsaw stops oiling unbeknownst to you, there will be a few signs for you to notice.

  • The chain is struggling to move around the bar
  • The chainsaw starts producing smoke.
  • The temperature of the chainsaw gets high and becomes hot within a few minutes.

If you notice any of these symptoms, it is safe to assume that the Greenworks chainsaw oil pump is not functioning. It causes an oil deficiency in the chainsaw. So it is time to find out why  Greenworks chainsaw not oiling.

If you need, let’s explore all the Greenworks chainsaw problems you may face and what the solutions are.

The Causes And Solutions Of Greenworks Chainsaw Not Oiling

Empty Oil Tank

The very first thing you should check when your Greenworks chainsaw is not oiling is whether or not the oil tank is filled. Check the front of your chainsaw, where you can find an oil drop symbol. That indicates the oil tank of the chainsaw. Check inside of the oil tank is empty. If it is, refill the tank to the entire bar. Afterward, close it up and turn on the chainsaw to see if this fix worked or not.

Clogged Chain Bar And Chain

When you’ve checked the oil tank, and it is already full, the apparent reason for the Greenworks chainsaw oiler not working would be a clogged oiler. After using a chainsaw for a long time, the oil ports, bar, and chain get greasy and grimy. This dirt closes up the oil port and bar, causing the oiler to stop working.

You need to separate the chain and bar from the chainsaw to clean it. It is pretty easy to open up if you’re familiar with a chainsaw. An air compressor would be the best to clean out the chains and the bar. You can use packing paper to clean the gunk too. To get to the deepest parts, use something long and thin like a wire to get inside and clean it.

The oil hole might be the dirtiest part of the chainsaw. All the sawdust and grime slip down and gathers into this hole. Use a gauge tool, a wire, or a thin film to get inside the oil hole and clean it thoroughly. The bar has two oil holes on both sides, so you must be careful to clean them.

Chainsaw Oiler Adjustment

If a bar is installed incorrectly in the chainsaw, the oil holes and the bar will not align perfectly for the oil to reach every part of the chainsaw. In cases like this, some parts of the chainsaw get no oil, and some parts have an overflow of oil, making the bar get stuck.

You need chainsaw oiler adjustment to fix this. Follow the manual provided with the chainsaw and match up the parts number accordingly. Reinstall the bar at the correct place, and you’re done.

Damaged Chain

Take out the chain from the machine and check if it is rusty, damaged, or cracked in any way. A damaged chain will prevent the Greenworks chainsaw oil from oiling perfectly. Install a new chain in the chainsaw.

If none of the causes and solutions works for your particular chainsaw, it is most certainly time to get a new one. It could mean that the chainsaw simply lost its lifespan. So a new chainsaw will rid you of all these troubles.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I fix my chainsaw not oiling?

You can fix your Greenworks chainsaw not working by refilling the oil tank or cleaning out the oil holes, bar, and chain. Don’t forget to clean the bar groove as well. If that doesn’t work, you might need to adjust the oiler by changing the bar or any damaged chain.

How do you adjust a chainsaw oiler?

You can make a chainsaw oiler adjustment with a flat head screwdriver. On the underside of the chainsaw, there is an adjustment screw. Use the screwdriver to turn the screw counterclockwise and adjust the chainsaw oiler.

How do you check the oil pump on a chainsaw?

Take out the bar and chain of the chainsaw and clean everything thoroughly. Then fire up the chainsaw without the chain and rev up the engine. If oil pours out, then the oil pump is all good. If no oil is pouring out, then there is something wrong with the oil pump.                                                                                      

Bottom Line

That was everything you needed to know about your Greenworks chainsaw not oiling. Now you can simply look at the chart noted above and check them off one by one, and pretty soon, you’ll figure out your problem. The process is not complicated at all, right?

After you’ve repaired and fixed the problem, you should regularly do an oil check and clean the oil holes inside to maintain the excellent oiler health of your Greenworks chainsaw. It will save you a lot more hassle in the future.

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