Stihl Weed Eater Won’t Stay Running? Troubleshooting Guide For You!

by Jack Grover
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stihl weed eater starts but wont stay running

Why stihl weed eater won’t stay running? Many may think the trimmer has run out of gas, which is also one of the multitudes of reasons.

But remember, other potential reasons can also stop your weed trimmer from running. This article will discuss all the possible causes and solutions to easily fix your weed eater.

However, a Stihl weed eater is a simple gas-powered weed trimmer. The two-cycle engine operates the string or blade to cut the grasses. So, it needs proper maintenance to run smoothly. But what would you do if the weed trimmer started but stopped running again and again?

Let’s explore!

Here’s Why A Stihl Weed Eater Won’t Stay Running

A Stihl weed trimmer mainly needs a clean air filter, fuel filter, and a spark to run smoothly. So, when your stihl weed eater starts but wont stay running, major chances are there’s an air or fuel filter issue.

But remember to check the fuel level because the weed eater may have run out of fuel and caused the problem. However, here’s a short data table showing you the possible reasons for this problem and quick fixes.

Potential CausesPossibleSsolutions
Running out of gasolineFill the gasoline
Fuel filter issueReplace the fuel filter
Faulty choke Replace the choke
Air circulation problemReplace or clean the air filter
Dirty carburetorClean the carburetor
Old fuelAdd a fuel stabilizer
Carburetor adjustment issueAdjust the carburetor correctly
Wrong fuel mix.Use recommended ratio to mix fuel.
Clogged spark arrestorReplace or clean the spark arrestor.

Running out of gasoline

The first step of troubleshooting is to check for the fuel level. The weed easter may have stopped running simply because the machine has run out of its fuel or gasoline.

And you already know what to do if this is the only case!

Fuel filter issue

The fuel inside a weed trimmer needs proper circulation to run the machine well. So, if the fuel cannot circulate through the engine, you may face this common idle problem.

Visually check the gas cap and the air inlet hole in it. If it’s clogged up, replacing the gas cap would solve the issue.

On the other hand, a blocked fuel filter may also cause a stihl weed eater stopped running. You can replace the fuel filter as a quick fix or clean it. The Replacing cost of the weed trimmer’s fuel filter is very cheap and easy to do.

Air circulation problem

The weed trimmer will sputter and stop running when the air filter gets clogged up. It prevents the normal airflow through the intake port into the combustion chamber.

However, you can quickly fix this issue by cleaning or replacing the air filter of the trimmer. Weedeater air filter replacements are cheap and reasonable. Besides, it is readily removable.

Faulty choke

The stihl weed eater will not stay running if the choke is stuck in the full position. The choke is responsible for supplying fuel to the trimmer engine. And the choke needs to be in the correct position to operate the weed eater properly.

A damaged choke can easily move from its position or get stuck in the incorrect position. Replace the faulty choke to get rid of this problem.

Dirty carburetor

A clogged air filter can lead the carburetor to get dirty. And a dirty carburetor prevents average air circulation, which can stop the weed eater from running smoothly.

However, Cleaning the carburetor is a must to fix this issue. And the carburetor needs to be cleaned at least once a season before you store the weed trimmer.

Carburator adjustment issue

If the weed trimmer keeps shutting off even after cleaning the carburetor, check for the stihl weed eater carb adjustment. You can also take the carburetor to a professional for service if you find any complications.

Clogged spark arrestor

The spark arrestor covers the exhaust port of the air filter. So, when the spark arrestor gets clogged or blocked, the exhaust gases can’t pass through the port. And it prevents the Stihl weed eater from running.

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To solve this issue, clean the clogged spark arrestor or replace it. You will find it located behind the muffler.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Why does my Stihl weed eater keep shutting off?

Your Stihl weed eater may keep shutting off when it has clogged or damaged air and fuel filters. It is also a sign of having a dirty or maladjusted carburetor, damaged choke, and spark arrestor.

How to fix a weed trimmer that won’t stay running?

Get your trimmer’s air or fuel filter clean or replaced if it’s clogged. Check the carburetor adjustment and readjust it. Change the old fuel if needed and replace the clogged spark arrestor. You may also need to replace the choke if it’s damaged.

How do you troubleshoot when the Stihl weed eater does not stay running?

Follow the essential troubleshooting guide and check if there is enough fuel in the fuel tank or not. Visually inspect and clean the air filter, fuel filter, and carburetor. You can also replace these components if needed.


So, at the end of the discussion, we hope you have learned why a stihl weed eater won’t stay running and how to fix it. Next time you face any trouble regarding this issue, try the above fixes, as many have found them helpful.

Filter replacements are straightforward and inexpensive. You can DIY the replacements at home even if you are not a professional. But if you still struggle to repair your trimmer by yourself, it’s better to visit the nearest repair shop.

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