What to Charge Per Hour to Spread Mulch? Know the Exact Pricing Tactics!

by Jack Grover
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What to Charge Per Hour to Spread Mulch

Just started your lawn mowing business but are confused about what to charge per hour to spread mulch? Well, it depends on the cubic area of the lawn and some other factors you should keep an idea.

This article will be helpful for the people who want to work on spreading mulch as well as for the people who want to hire employees to do the task.

So, follow it and read carefully till the end.

What to Charge Per Hour to Spread Mulch?

Spread mulch is quite expensive. The price is determined according to the cubic yard. You also can specify the price range according to the time. In a general sense, you need USD 35 per cubic area.

The charge of spreading mulch per hour depends on many factors. Here we try to explain some facets. The mulching prices can be different based on different aspects.

Here we interpret 4 factors.

Pricing Based on Location

When you spread mulch in a preferable place, it will be easy to spread the mulch. In this case, the price should be low.

But, if you need to spread mulch uphill and hard to reach places, you need to ensure the mulch spreading price will be higher than the comfortable location.

So, you cannot demand the same price at different locations.

Pricing Based on Distance

Distance between mulch bag and place of mulch spreading is a significant reason for the separate price of mulch spreading. When your mulch bags and the ground are closer, half of the jobs will be done already.

So, the charge per hour should be small. Nevertheless, if the distance is lengthy, it will take more effort. As a result, you should charge a high price to spread mulch per hour.

Pricing Based on Ground Condition

Spreading mulch prices differ according to the ground condition. If your surface area is full of trees or plants, it will take more time to spread and will make the work harder.

So, the price of spreading mulch will increase but not for the purpose of hours. Then, if the ground is empty and there are no plants, it is very easy to spread. As an outcome, mulch spreading price will be medium.

Depending on Cubic Area

This is the main factor in the price of spreading mulch. Generally, it costs $40 per cubic area.

If you are to complete more than a cubic area per hour, the price will be much higher. Similarly, if you want to complete spreading mulch for less than one cubic area per hour, it should cost a lower rate and it will certainly be less than $40.

Overall, this topic is a proper guideline for how do you price a mulch job. Identify the factors and charge according to this.

Mulch Cost

However, there are several types of mulch available in the market. And their prices are different. If you need to buy the mulches, you should have enough idea of the pricing, too.

So, we will describe 5 kinds of mulch with their prices. You must know that you can get mulch in different amounts also.

The price can vary based on the amount. The measurement systems are per foot, per bag as well as per yard. The most expensive one is mulch per yard, per bag costs medium-range and per foot expense is minimum.

5 kinds of mulch and their prices

Colored Mulch

This mulch costs 35$ per yard, which is one of the cheapest mulch you will get easily. Per foot, it costs only 1.30$, which is affordable.

Cypress Mulch

If you want high-quality and expensive mulch, cypress mulch is for you because you need $110 to buy it per yard. Again, $4.07per foot. So, you can say this is the most costly mulch.

Wood Chips Mulch

The wood husk is the main component of wood chips mulch. So, the price is very reasonable.

It cost only $0.89per foot, and wood chips mulch cost per yard is only $24This is the cheapest mulch among the described 5. This mulch is organic and has no harmful effect on our environment.

Pine Straw

Pine straw is relatively cheap and a readily available component. So, the expense of this mulch is standard. You will get pine straw for $1.50per foot, $ 3 per bag, and $40per yard. This also comes from plant origin, so it is an organic product.

Tea Tree Mulch

Tea tree mulch is not so precious, and tea tree is the main ingredient of this mulch. We all know that the products that come from natural ingredients always bring the best for us. And they are also accessible.

Here, the tea tree mulch cost $1.58per foot and $ 42per yard. You will also receive mulch in bags, and the tea tree mulch costs only $3.16

After the discussion of the price of mulch, you should not remain any questions about how much does mulch cost. You can take one of these mulches according to your budget. We think this pricing information will be beneficial for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is it to hire someone to spread mulch?

It costs $35 per hour. This is the standard price of mulch spreading. Based on some factors, the price can be high. There is possibly no chance to lower the price.

How much should I demand to spread mulch?

You should charge $35 to $40 per hour. It can be increased and can be decreased according to the conditions of the ground, locations, etc.

How much do I charge for mulching and weeding?

Mulching and weeding is not easy task. You should charge a minimum of $30 to a maximum of $ 50 per hour.

Wrap Up

Mulch is a good element for improving the condition of your soil. Most of the mulch comes from organic components. You should use these organic mulches for your soil. And mulch spreading is quite profitable as you can charge 40$ or more per hour.

So, after the entire discussion, we hope you got your answer to the question of what to charge per hour to spread mulch. Right?

Now, enjoy your mulching jobs!

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