How to Remove Peepal Tree from Wall: Step by Step Guide

by Jack Grover
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How to Remove Peepal Tree from Wall

In Asia, people worship the peepal tree because they believe it’s occupied by the Gods.Still, people wonder how to clear peepal tree from wall because it’s considered inappropriate and a hindrance in houses and other indoor places.

Therefore, to remove the peepal tree from the wall, you can try using salt on the roots. It can certainly stop the growth and remove it forever.

There’re some other ways too to deal with this situation, and here we’ll guide you through this.

How to Remove Peepal Tree from Wall

Peepal trees growing on your walls aren’t a good sign at all because they can decrease the strength of your wall and degrade the built quality of your wall.

Therefore, learning the ways to clear the peepal tree can come in quite handy for you.

By Removing the Roots

Though the plan is to cut the roots as deep as possible, they’re mostly located in tough places. You need to follow these vivid steps strictly to make this way work:

  • Cut the stem as deep as you can
  • Buy liquid Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Fill those roots which couldn’t be removed with the liquid
  • Continue this process for several days

After a few days, you’ll see results in front of your eyes because the plant’s cellulose will disintegrate because of the liquid. And soon, your unwanted peepal tree will be gone.

By Using Salt on the Roots

If you’re looking for something cheap option on how to destroy peepal tree from wall, using salt on the roots can be an ideal option for you. This method not only stops peepal from growing but also remove them from your wall.

To make this method work, you need to follow these steps given below:

  • Find the roots where they’re located
  • Mix salt with dirt
  • Put the mixture on the roots

The salt will then overload the peepal plant’s whole ground with ions that are quite harmful to them. As you’re putting them in high concentration, it’ll make things worse for them and will be the reason for their end.

By Using Chemicals

Using chemicals can be another way to the mystery of how to destroy peepal tree roots. The use of Hydrogen Peroxide in the first portion also falls under the radar of this one.

You can use chemicals to kill peepal tree and weedicides or herbicides chemicals like copper sulfate and mercury, but copper sulfate is highly toxic and can be harmful to your health as well. It’s wise to go for Glyphosate consisting of Roebic Root Killer instead.

The moisture of your wall plays a great role in attributing the growth of peepal trees on the walls. You can fix it by painting your whole wall with water-resistant paint. It’ll prevent further growth of them anywhere on the wall.

By Lighting a Fire

This method is a bit unorthodox, but if you can pull it off properly, then there’s a big chance of getting rid of the thought of when to remove the Peepal tree from house. Whenever it gets big enough to get attention towards your house, remove it.

Follow the below-mentioned steps properly and make this process work in your way:

  • Cut the stem and leave a bit of it
  • Get a small cloth and wrap it precisely
  • Pour some kerosene on the wrap-up
  • Light a fire and let it burn

No matter how many of them are on your walls, do the same process with each of the peepal trees. Results will astonish you because they won’t be there to disturb you anymore for a prolonged period.

Pro Tips to Boost Your Removal Process

You can try using a big syringe that’s full of sugar and inject it on the roots of the peepal trees on your walls. Often ants do the dirty work for you and make it easy to get rid of them.

Warning: Keep Yourself Safe

Many people doubt over can salt kill peepal tree or not, and therefore we’d like to warn about a thing first. Salt can kill the roots of the Peepal tree, which leads the way to the demise of the peepal tree.

But less use of salt on the roots can work backward, and the growth of the trees can get boosted. So, you should be aware of the measurement of using salt on the roots first. For instance, two cups of water with one cup of salt is the right measurement for the roots.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can we eliminate the Peepal tree?

Yes, we can certainly get rid of peepal trees from any place. To do so, you need to choose a way to remove peepal trees because there’re several ways to remove them.

How to get rid of the Peepal tree from my house permanently?

You definitely can try using chemicals that are categorized as weedicides or herbicides. The most common examples of these chemicals are Glyphosate, Copper Sulphate, and Mercury.

Does the Peepal tree have hanging roots?

Yes, peepal does have hanging roots. It also has heart-shaped, broad leaves that end in a tapering and long point. Aerial or hanging roots of the peepal tree wrap around a host tree which will be growing down to the surface with time, and this is where they’ll start growing their root.


Though there’re many methods mentioned in this guide, you can still pick yours according to your choice, preference, and budget. Peepal trees can make your wall grow older and weak swiftly. The peepal tree, also known as Ficus religiosa, is a sacred tree in Nepal and India.

Moreover, it also can make your walls ugly and your impression dull. Therefore, learning how to remove Peepal tree from wall can help you not experience those things and keep your walls pretty and your impression tight.

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