Husqvarna 125b Blower Problems, Causes And Solutions

by Jack Grover
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Husqvarna 125b Blower Problems

When blowing out the fallen leaves from the ground, the machine stops abruptly. It gets too hot. What can be the reasons behind Husqvarna 125b blower problems? There can be debris inside the fan or broken blades; as soon as you can find it out, you can solve it yourself.

It is ideal for checking the fuel tank at first. If the fuel is ok, then there can be dirt and clog issues in your blower. Dirt can block the filters and carburetor also. This blockage fights against the blower for proper powered up. Furthermore, it can heat your blower engine and reduce its working ability.

Why worry more? Just read our article about Husqvarna 125Bleaf blower troubleshooting. We assure you about to fix your blower problem perfectly.

Husqvarna 125b Blower Problems & Solutions

See the below chart about the Husqvarna 125b blower troubleshooting. This chart will relieve you to eradicate all the hampering issues of your machine.

Vibrates too much after some time of blowingTighten the loose screws. Repair the impeller.
Start then stopsClean the clogged dirt.
The engine is ok but dies at full throttle.Clean the air filter, fuel filter, mufflers, carburetor, and fuel line.
Won’t startReset the fuel lines, trigger, and coil.
Starts but won’t blowingRepair fan blades.
Carburetor problemDisassemble the carburetor and clean all parts with the cleaner.
The engine gets too hotUse appropriate carburetor, fuel. Clean the carbon from the spark arrestor.

Why My Husqvarna 125b Blower Vibrates Weirdly During Operation?

After blowing some time, the blower jerked unusually.

It’s a matter of tension whether the engine is getting die. Generally, your leaf blower works with minimal trembling, and you are used to it. But an unusual vibration ends the power of your blower. The causes can be:

  • The broken blades of the impeller (fan)
  • Dirt and debris clog into the fan
  • The incorrect placing of washers ( broken or lost)
  • The screws of the motor can misplace or broken

Now follow these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Disassemble the blower. It’s not so tricky.
  2. Check the impeller that is attached to the engine shaft. Repair or replace it.
  3. Clean the blades of the fan.
  4. Tense the washers. If any washers are missing, set a new one.
  5. Tighten the screws of the motor.

Why Does My Husqvarna Stop After Starting?

Your Husqvarna 125b leaf blower will not stay running after five to fifteen minutes of its starting. You may have blockage concerns.

  • The shoot or dirt can congest into the spark arrestor.
  • Fuel for a long time in the blower can clog in the fuel filter, air filter, or carburetor.

Do this fine motor cleaning work carefully.

  1. Take out the spark arrestor and remove the shoot using a wire brush.
  2. Use carburetor cleaner for cleaning the carburetor.
  3. If cleaning does not work, replace the old carburetor.
  4. Clean fuel filter, air filter.

Which Issues Dies The Blower At Full Throttle When Engine Is Fine?

When the engine works well but the blower won’t work, there is a problem with the throttle connection. Sometimes the blower motor gets very hot. There can be one or more issues of Husqvarna leaf blower dies at full throttle.

  • Air filters gather debris for a long time use.
  • A clogged fuel filter resists providing enough fuel from the fuel tank to the engine.
  • The engine emits carbon that can deposit into the mafflers, exhaust port, and spark arrestor screen. This blockage hampers to release of carbon from the blower engine. These cause the engine to fall at full throttle.
  • Clogged carburetor.
  • Blocked or dented fuel line.

Don’t worry. Your blower needs connection cleaning. Follow the remedies.

  1. Clean the blockage and debris from the air filter, fuel filter, fuel line, mufflers, and spark arrestor.
  2. Disassemble the carburetor and assemble it again with a cleaning task.

Why Does Husqvarna 125b Won’t Start?

Husqvarna leaf blower starting problems begin from the fuel filter. Sometimes you need to look out the coil and start switching. The causes of these problems are:

  • Leakage in the fuel line.
  • Faulty assemble of the coil.
  • Faulty trigger.

Just do the cleaning steps along with disassembling.

  1. Disassemble the whole system. Clean the shoot and dirt.
  2. Check the trigger with a multimeter.
  3. Remove the fuel line and replace it.
  4. Remove the coil and again place it. You should maintain a minimum gap of a business card between the flywheel and the magnetic coil.
  5. Rebuild the carburator.

Sometimes Blower Engine Gets Excessively Hot

It can be and it is the most user-facedHusqvarna 125b leaf blower problems.

Husqvarna is an air-cooled, two-cycle, gasoline engine-powered leaf blower. You have to use both oil and gasoline to generate the machine. If there is an imbalance between oil and gasoline or you use less oil, the engine won’t acquire goal power. As a result, it gets hot after some time.

Also, a dirty air filter, exhaust system, mufflers, and cooling fan resist blowing out the extra temperature of the engine. Besides, they are also clogged up with carbon and reduce the temperature control power of a blower. These problems also make the system hot.

Always use the proper portion of fuel for better results. The gas and oil mixture ratio should be 50:1.

Troubleshooting Husqvarna Leaf Blower Carburetor Problems   

Above all the problems, you get a common solution of reassembling the carburetor. It is important to clean the carb and fix the problem issues. Now learn the tips and technics of Husqvarna 125b carburetor restoration.

Step 1: Remove The Air Filter And Throttle

 Using a screwdriver, remove the air filter cover. Then remove the air filter base. Now lock the two fuel lines to resist draining the fuel. This time, carefully get out the fuel lines from the carb. Also, remove the throttle linkage.

Step 2: Disassembling The Carburetor

You need a carb rebuild kit according to the blower model number. First, go to the diagram side and remove the diaphragm cover. Then remove the middle lever.

Now go to the primer bulb side and remove the cover plate and bulb. There is a screw hole that adds to the whole system. Unscrew it and remove the base.

Here you will find a reed bulb and gasket plate. Under the plate, there is a small filter screen. Remove all these implements one by one.

Remove the throttle body. Remove the small roller for the throttle. Now spray the carb cleaner to the carb. Spray all the components to make them clean. Now dry them with an air blower. And assemble the carburetor in a reverse way.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you adjust the carburetor on a Husqvarna 125b leaf blower?

You need a special splint tool for thisu003cstrongu003e Husqvarna 125b carburetor adjustmentu003c/strongu003e task. Moreover, you have to set the high speed in your blower. Now counterclockwise wise turn the screws till you get the right rpm. Most of the time, one to two turns catch the goal.

How do you start a Husqvarna 125B blower?

1. In the beginning, you have to flow the fuel to the tube.u003cbru003e2. Off the choke and open (one-third) the throttle.u003cbru003e3. Set the left hand on the blower and pull the starter by using the right hand.u003cbru003e4. After one minute of warming up the engine,- open the choke.

How do you start up a leaf blower?

Starting a leaf blower is almost the same as a Husqvarna leaf blower. First, fill the fuel tank. Then push the choke button on. Now press the primer for several times. Move the choke in the full position. Carefully, together press the throttle and throttle trigger. Pull the starter and place the choke in the previous position. After some time, press the throttle and go for leaf blowing.

Summing Up

I think you are searching out a handsome solution to your Husqvarna 125b blower problems. Most of the time, people forget to maintain a clean device for working. It is also very important to clean the blower machine for leaf blowing. Also, examine the connections and screws if there is any damage issue. Take care of your machine and blow out all the fallen leaves from your beautiful yard.

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