Toro 75740 Vs 75742: Which One Suits Your Lawn Needs?

by Jack Grover
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What is the difference between the toro 75740 and 75742?  The toro 75740 has a 452cc engine.  On the contrary, the engine in the 75742 is around 708cc.  Also, there are some other differences as well.

The toro 75740 and the 75742 are both excellent quality mowers.  With proper examination and research, we compared the toro 75740 vs 75742.  Check out the article to see the reviews of the mowers.

Toro 75740 Vs 75742: A Quick Comparison

ConcernToro 75740Toro 75742
Hitch BracketStandardStandard
Weight645 lb670 lb
Cutting Width107 cm107 cm
Automatic Cleaning Air FilterNoYes

Our First Choice: Toro 75740- Lawnmower with an Intelligent Speed Technology

Toro 75740

Speed Technology

Toro 75740 comes with intelligent speed technology.  The engine is around 452cc, providing enough speed to cover a medium-sized lawn.  While testing out the mower, we found out that it reduced the mowing time by 50%.  Furthermore, it had zero-turn steering that helped us clean the lawn smoothly.  Innovative technology allows you to have greater control over the mowing speed.  However, it does not sacrifice the speed of the blade tip.

The rate of speed can be adjusted to your desire.  So, you can mow at your comfortable pace.  Moreover, the mower has an excellent maneuvering capability.  We steered the mower in tight corners, and it navigated very smoothly.  It works pretty well in gardens full of objects.

The optimal speed for the mow is three mph or seven mph.  Keeping this speed, you will get a trim speed of 2.4mph and 5.5 mph.  However, we got  1.7 and 4mph for each optimal speed we tried for the towing speed.  As the transmission is dual hydrostatic, it becomes pretty flexible to drive.

Convenient Storage Cubby

There is a space under the seat of the mower.  It’s safe and easy to access.  So, you store your essential items with ease.  Furthermore, the things will be easier to take as well.  The seat is  16”, and below that is the spacious storage.

Keep in mind that there is a specific limit to what you keep.  Try keeping small and medium-sized accessories in the cubby because it does not support more extensive objects.

Blade Quality

The 75740 has some good-quality blades, and it has a really compatible cutting width.  While using the mower, we saw the maximum cutting is 107cm, just like the manufacturer claims.  Meanwhile, the maximum cutting height is 11.4cm, while the minimum starts from 3.8.  Due to this, your lawn will look gorgeous.

Moreover, the speed of the blade tip is 17,810 ft/min.  Cutting grass on your property is just another little chore on your list.  Because this whopping speed reduces your mowing time a lot.  Especially if you are using the mower on a smaller lawn, it will take less than an hour to mow it down completely.

Why Should You Choose This One?

The mower is equipped with a 452cc engine, and it works pretty fast.  If your lawn is comparatively small or medium, you should go for this one.  However, it’s not the best choice if your garden is vast.

Our Second Choice: Toro 75742- Mower With the Twin Engine!

Toro 75742

Engine Quality

Equipped with the Toro V-Twin engine, the mower moves swiftly.  It is around 708cc.  Furthermore, there is a unique air filtering system that can self-clean itself.  Due to the addition of this feature, dust rarely sticks to the air filter.  Hence, you don’t have to clean it regularly.

If you see the  Toro 42” TimeCutter 75742 reviews, it received a commendation from the majority of the users for the V-Twin engine.  It is pretty durable.  While giving the mower a test run, we found out it can zero turn.  That’s why the mowing time reduces up to a whopping 50%.

Wide Tires

Toro 75742 carries some pretty wide tires.  The wide design of the tire has its advantages.  During our measurement, we found out that the front tires were 11” x 4”.  Additionally, the back tires were 18” x 7.5”.

Now as the tires are bigger, it provides a nice advantage over soft ground.  It mainly reduces the rutting.  Whenever you drive the 75742 over a soft surface, the amount of cutting will drastically reduce.  This makes the mower very versatile.  Also, if your lawn is rough, it can easily traverse that terrain.

Seat Quality

Typically the quality of the seat matters a lot in any kind of vehicle.  Comfortable seats ensure a flexible driving experience.  Similarly, the toro 75742 features a handcrafted seat.  Ride with comfort as the handcrafted seat comes with the ultimate padding.  Furthermore, it has special back support so that you can feel comfortable while sitting.

Mowing very large lawns at least takes some time.  Your back won’t feel any sort of pain during that duration as the seat is very decent.  We measured the size of the seat and saw that it was 16”.  The seat size is similar to the 75740

Why Should You Choose This One?

Go with the Toro 75742 if your garden is extensive.  As it has a twin-engine, it can be really efficient in larger gardens.  Furthermore, the mower is a great choice if you are looking for long-term use.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Are Toro time Cutters any good?

Yes, toro time cutters are indeed good quality mowers. They provide you with a very flexible mowing experience. Furthermore, the mowing times are swift as well.

Are Toro Zero Turn mowers reliable?

Toro Zero Turn mowers are well known for their reliability. You can use it for the long term without worrying about anything. Also, it’s easy to replace the parts.

Are Toro mowers better than John Deere?

Comparing the toro mowers with the John Deere, the toro mowers are faster than the john deere ones. The toro mower cuts grass better than the john deere as well.

Are Toro mowers worth the money?

Toro mowers are definitely worth the money. Firstly, as the toro mowers have good quality engines, mowing time is very less. Moreover, it lasts a long time as well.

How long should a Toro lawn mower last?

Normally, toro lawn mowers can last up to 10 years maximum. However, keep in mind that there is certain maintenance you have to do. The minor maintenance is pretty cheap so it can keep the mower running for a long time.

Which Mower Wins The Mowing Race?

There are various aspects to consider in the debate of toro 75740 vs 75742.  Firstly, if you have a tighter budget and need a good mower, the toro 75740 is the best option.  Furthermore, people with smaller lawn sizes should get the 75740 as the 75742 will be overkill.  Within the budget, 75740 provides all the crucial features one needs.

On the contrary, the 75742 is well known for its twin-engine, and it provides lots of power to the mower.  So, if you have a very large lawn, 75742 is the better choice.  Keep in mind that if your lawn has a rougher terrain, the 75742 will be pretty compatible as can traverse such terrains with ease.

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