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[Explained] John Deere Lawn Tractor Comparison Chart – Pick The Best Series Now!

by Jack Grover
Reading time: 37 min Prefer to listen?

John Deere has recently updated its residential line of lawn tractors. These new models boast increased power, performance, and operator comfort, making them a worthwhile addition to any homeowner’s gardening toolkit.

Among the available options are the S100, S200, X300 Select, X500 Select, and X700 Signature Series model lines.

We know how tough it can be to choose between products of the same brand with similar quality. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide.

In the first part, we compare the S100 and S200 Series.

In the second part, we concentrate on the more advanced X300 Series as well as the X500 and X700 lawn tractor Series.

Let’s jump right in and see how these models stack up against each other.

John Deere S100 vs S200 Series

The S100 Series lawn tractors have been designed with first-time homebuyers in mind, prioritizing ergonomics and modernized styling.

These tractors boast a sleek front bumper that complements their cutting-edge appearance, ensuring your lawn work is both efficient and fashionable.

On top of that, each model comes equipped with an open-back seat, providing ample support for users of various shapes and sizes. Long hours tending to your yard will no longer feel like a tiresome chore but rather an enjoyable experience in a user-friendly machine.

The S100 Series boasts a diverse collection of lawn tractor models, offering a total of eight different options. Each model is distinguished by its mower deck size and engine power, which are crucial in determining its performance and capabilities.

Series and ModelDeck SizeEngine Power
S10042 inches17.5 HP
S11042 inches19 HP
S12042 inches22 HP
S13042 inches22 HP
S14048 inches22 HP
S16048 inches24 HP
S17048 inches24 HP
S18054 inches24 HP

The S200 Series offers a more limited selection, launching only two lawn tractor models.

Designed for those in search of a superior lawn care experience, these machines boast upgraded cyclonic engines, offering a notable advancement in performance and durability. Plus, they come with top-of-the-line Accel Deep™ cutting decks.

Series and ModelDeck SizeEngine Power
S22042 inches22 HP
S24042 inches21.5 HP
S24048 inches21.5 HP

The S200 Series models are distinguished primarily by their deck width. Yet, despite their differences in size, they share numerous features with the S100 Series lawn tractors.

Among these similarities are the welded steel full-length frame and hydrostatic transmission, which remain consistent across both Series.

As for engine power, the S200 Series lawn tractors boast ratings of approximately 21.5-22 horsepower. This powerful performance allows users to tackle challenging terrain and maintain well-manicured lawns with unwavering efficiency.

S100 SeriesS200 Series
Engine Power Rating17.5-24 HP21.5-22 HP
Cylinder TypeV-twin Cylinder — Extended Life Series (ELS)V-twin Cylinder, cast-iron liners
Deck DesignEdge™ Mower DeckAccel Deep™ Mower Deck
Cutting Deck Width42, 48, 54 inches42 & 48 inches
Transmission2-Pedal Hydrostatic & Heavy-Duty 2-Pedal HydrostaticTLT200 2-Pedal Hydrostatic & K46 Heavy-Duty 2-Pedal Hydrostatic
Starting MSRP$2,399-$3,599$2,999-$3,699

Engine Differences

The S100 Series lawn tractors are powered by V-twin ELS (Extended Life Series) engines. The air-cooled design and overhead valve ensure efficiency, performance, and long-lasting engine life.

At the same time, the electronic ignition assists in quick and hassle-free engine startups, making the S100 Series lawn tractor an excellent investment for any property owner seeking reliability and efficiency.

The cylinder of the S100 Series models boasts a full-pressure lube system paired with the Easy Change™ 30-second oil change system. This feature simplifies maintenance and reduces downtime for the user.

The engine’s air cleaner consists of a cartridge with a pre-filter, effectively trapping debris and contaminants, resulting in enhanced engine protection.

As for the engine’s choke, it is equipped with a single lever featuring a spring-return mechanism to effortlessly control engine speed. While it simplifies operation, the true standout feature lies in the cast-iron liner cylinder. This component extends engine life and improves fuel economy, providing greater value for the owner.

Lastly, the ELS engine of this Series offers an abundance of power and high torque capabilities. Thanks to it, the mowers from this line provide optimum performance even during the most demanding tasks.

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In the case of S200 Series lawn tractor models, the engine type is a cast-iron liner V-twin Cylinder engine.

However, there is a distinction between the S220 and S240 Series within this range. Specifically, the S220 Series boasts a Cyclonic cylinder, while the S240 Series opts for a non-Cyclonic version.

Regardless, both demonstrate impressive torque, power, reduced vibrations, improved fuel efficiency, and prolonged engine life.

These air-cooled engines offer a slightly different cleaner than the S100 Series. The S200 Series utilizes a pleated paper cartridge air filter combined with a poly pre-filter feature. It enhances the overall performance of the engine and ensures its longevity.

As for the oil change system, the S200 Series also deviates from its counterpart, the S100 Series. Here, you’ll find no tools for oil drain and instead encounter a replaceable oil filter. It may require additional attention but provides convenience for users seeking to maintain their lawn tractor’s engine regularly.

Cutting Deck Design Differences

The S100 and S200 Series feature completely different mower deck designs.

The S100 lawn tractor series is well-regarded for its unique Edge™ mower deck design — a feature that sets it apart from its peers. This distinctive design incorporates an innovative cutting system, enhancing its mowing capabilities.

By adjusting the cut height to the most optimum level, this system always leaves your lawn with a clean cut, promoting even growth and maintaining aesthetic appeal.

In addition to providing a thorough and consistent cut, this mower deck also streamlines the often tedious task of cleaning the mower deck underside. Its advanced design facilitates quicker dispersal of grass clippings and other materials, making cleaning near effortless.

What’s more, it also contributes to the longevity and durability of the mower. The underside of the mower deck is designed in a way that prevents excessive accumulation of grass, reducing wear and tear.

This feature, while often overlooked, is crucial to the overall performance and lifespan of the mower.

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The S200 Series models come with an Accel Deep™ deck design. It is a stamped-steel, versatile, deep, durable, and flat-top deck design that cuts clean and offers a super smooth landscape.

The cut quality and productivity of this deck are perfect. Its shape facilitates optimal cutting performance, leading to an impressive dispersion of grass clippings and other materials. Whether dealing with tall grass or a typical lawn, it ensures super-fast mowing speeds.

An exciting part of the S200 Series is the optional Mulch Control™ system. This isn’t merely a feature but a performance enhancer offering top-notch mulching, side-discharging, and bagging capabilities. With this in place, each mowing session transforms into a testament to precision and effectiveness.

Warranty and Price Point Comparison

When looking into the differences between the S200 and S100 Series of lawn tractors, two of the critical factors to consider are the price and warranty.

The S100 Series models come with a shorter warranty period.

Although some might perceive this as a disadvantage, there’s still a silver lining to the situation.

The price range of the S100 Series models falls in the more affordable category, appealing to a broader audience with a budget constraint — prices for this Series range from a modest $2,399 to a slightly steeper $3,599.

ModelBumper-To-Bumper WarrantyPrice
S1002-year/120 hour$2,399
S1102-year/120 hour$2,499
S1202-year/120 hour$2,699
S1302-year/120 hour$2,799
S1402-year/120 hour$2,799
S1602-year/120 hour$3,099
S1702-year/120 hour$3,199
S1802-year/120 hour$3,599

Conversely, the S200 Series of lawn tractors presents a more robust warranty package compared to the S100 Series models. This added assurance could be attractive for potential buyers willing to invest in long-lasting equipment.

Still, it’s important to note that this increased level of security does come at a higher cost. The price range for the S200 Series starts at $2,999 and can go as high as $3,699.

ModelBumper-To-Bumper WarrantyPrice
S240 — 42 inches deck3-year/200-hour$3,399
S240 — 48 inches deck3-year/200-hour$3,699

When deciding between the S200 and S100 Series lawn tractors, prospective buyers should weigh their priorities regarding price and warranty duration.

The S100 Series provides a more budget-friendly option with a shorter warranty period, while the S200 Series offers better warranty benefits at a higher price point.

X300 vs X500 vs X700 John Deere Lawn Tractor Series

The John Deere X300, X500, and X700 Series feature powerful machines to help you care for your lawn. Factors such as mower deck sizes and engine power ratings vary between models, offering a broad range of options to suit different needs.

The X300 Select Series comprises eight lawn tractor models. Their deck sizes range from 42 to 54 inches, providing high-quality cuts for various landscapes. Engine power, on the other hand, spans from 21.5 to 23 HP.

These lawn tractors are designed for optimal performance, boasting increased horsepower that enhances their output by a notable margin. The available mower deck sizes facilitate smooth cutting quality, catering to diverse consumer preferences.

ModelDeck SizeEngine Power
X33042 inches22 HP
X33048 inches22 HP
X35042 inches21.5 HP
X35048 inches21.5 HP
X350R42 inches (rear-discharge deck)21.5 HP
X35442 inches21.5 HP
X37042 inches21.5 HP
X38048 inches23 HP
X38054 inches23 HP
X38448 inches23 HP
X39048 inches23 HP
X39054 inches23 HP
X39448 inches23 HP

In contrast, the X500 Select Series has a more limited selection, offering only four lawn tractor models. Nevertheless, the Series remains competitive with its mower deck sizes and engine power ratings varying between 48 to 54 inches and 24 to 25.5 HP, respectively.

These models are specifically engineered for enhanced cutting, mulching, and bagging performance. They prioritize user experience by maximizing operating comfort and incorporating convenient features throughout their design.

ModelDeck SizeEngine Power
X57048 inches24 HP
X57054 inches24 HP
X58054 inches24 HP
X58448 inches24 HP
X58454 inches24 HP
X59048 inches25.5 HP
X59054 inches25.5 HP

Finally, the X700 Signature Series presents seven high-powered lawn tractor models. This Series boasts cutting deck sizes ranging from 48 to 60 inches while maintaining competitive engine power ratings of 24 to 25.5 HP.

Recognized for their enhanced horsepower levels, these models are ideal for tackling large lawns and complex landscapes.

ModelDeck SizeEngine Power
X73048 inches25.5 HP
X73054 inches25.5 HP
X73060 inches25.5 HP
X73448 inches25.5 HP
X73454 inches25.5 HP
X73460 inches25.5 HP
X73848 inches25.5 HP
X73854 inches25.5 HP
X73860 inches25.5 HP
X73948 inches25.5 HP
X73954 inches25.5 HP
X73960 inches25.5 HP
X75048 inches24 HP
X75054 inches24 HP
X75060 inches24 HP
X75448 inches24 HP
X75454 inches24 HP
X75460 inches24 HP
X75848 inches24 HP
X75854 inches24 HP
X75860 inches24 HP

Here’s a general comparison between these three lawn tractor series:

X300 SeriesX500 SeriesX700 Series
Engine Power Rating21.5-23 HP24-25.5 HP24-25.5 HP
Cylinder Type– V-twin Cyclonic Cylinder, cast-iron liners- V-twin Cylinder, cast-iron liners with iTorque power systemV-twin Cylinder, cast-iron liners with iTorque power system– V-twin EFI Cylinder, cast-iron liners with overhead valve- 3-cylinder diesel engine
Deck DesignAccel Deep™ Mower Deck & Edge™ Rear-Discharge DeckAccel Deep™ Mower DeckAccel Deep™ Mower Deck & High-Capacity Deck
Cutting Deck Width42, 48, 54 inches48 & 54 inches48, 54, 60 inches
TransmissionHydrostatic integrated with Twin Touch™ pedalsHydrostatic integrated with Twin Touch™ pedalsHydrostatic integrated with Twin Touch™ pedals
PriceExpensive compared to S100 and S200 SeriesExpensive compared to X300 SeriesVery expensive compared to all Series models

Engine Differences

X300 Select Series

The X300 Select Series offers consumers a choice, boasting two distinct engine types.

The first type is a V-twin cast-iron cylinder liner with a Cyclonic engine. The second type features the same cylinder construction but also incorporates the John Deere iTorque power system.

Both engines provide exceptional performance and reliability for a wide range of tasks.

The X330 Series lawn tractor stands out with its 42-inch and 48-inch deck options, along with the powerful V-twin Cyclonic engine.

With a 22-horsepower output, this engine offers an optimal balance of torque and power. As a result, the X330 confidently tackles mowing, mulching, and bagging jobs, providing owners with smooth, efficient operation.

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The other seven models in the X300 Select Series are equipped with the John Deere iTorque power system V-twin engine, which ranges from 21.5 to 23 horsepower. This engine type delivers the same impressive functionality as its Cyclonic counterpart but with an added emphasis on consistent power and performance.

Ultimately, regardless of the specific engine type chosen, the X300 Select Series provides homeowners with superior performance and versatility.

X500 Select Series

The X500 Select Series offers a different approach to lawn maintenance. Unlike its counterparts with Cyclonic engines, this Series features V-twin cast-iron liners Cylinder engines equipped with the iTorque power system. These versatile lawn tractors boast reliable performance and solid construction to withstand regular use.

In terms of operation, these models provide a user-friendly experience. The separate levers and automatic choke return contribute to seamless control over engine speed, allowing for precise adjustments based on your lawn care needs. The simplicity of these features ensures that handling an X500 Select Series lawn tractor is always a breeze.

Furthermore, the engine is designed to maintain its efficiency over time. It employs an air-cooled system, complete with a dry and replaceable air cleaner as well as a foam pre-cleaner. Thanks to it, the engine consistently delivers excellent power and mulching performance.

X700 Signature Series

The X700 Signature Series lawn tractors are well-known for their power and efficiency. These top-of-the-line machines come equipped with:

  • V-twin cast-iron liners,
  • EFI Cylinder with iTorque power system,
  • and robust 3-cylinder diesel engines.

Masterfully crafted to excel at any task, these tractors guarantee outstanding performance and longevity.

Among the Series, the X730, X734, X738, and X739 models boast impressive 48, 54, and 60-inch deck options. Each fitted with V-twin EFI Cylinders that showcase liquid-cooled designs, these tractors benefit from exceptional durability and cutting performance.

The iTorque power system takes it up a notch with its ingenious construction, supplying superior working efficiency alongside increased torque and lugging ability. Commonly utilized in gasoline-powered Select Series and Signature Series lawn tractors, this engine offers unbeatable reliability.

For those seeking even more muscle, the X750, X754, and X758 models are the answer. Also available with 48, 54, and 60-inch decks, these tractors are powered by formidable 3-cylinder diesel engines.

Pioneers in their field, these engines deliver extraordinary power and cutting performance while contributing to enhanced fuel economy and unparalleled durability. The large displacement of these diesel engines facilitates tremendous torque, which, in turn, provides exceptional lugging abilities.

One of the most significant features of this engine is that it meets EPA and the State of California standards. Therefore, its environmental impact is as minimal as possible.

Cutting Deck Design Comparison

[insert image here]

X300 Select Series

The X300 Select Series of John Deere lawn tractors boasts a range of versatile features, including two types of mower decks: the Accel Deep™ deck and Edge™ rear-discharge deck.

Most models from the X300 Series are equipped with Accel Deep™ mower decks, providing a flat-top shape that optimizes deck stamping for enhanced productivity. The only exception is the X350R lawn tractor model, which features a 42-inch Edge™ rear-discharge deck instead.

The Accel Deep™ deck includes an optional Mulch Control™ system that uses innovative Electric one-touch technology to open and close the adjustable mulch control baffle easily. It offers efficient cleaning, seamless side-discharging, and superior bagging performance.

On the other hand, the Edge™ rear-discharge deck combines the best features in mowing innovation. The rear-discharge mower deck is unbeatable if you require a reliable deck that delivers outstanding cutting, collecting, and mulching performance.

X500 Select Series

John Deere’s X500 Select Series of lawn tractors relies on the Accel Deep™ deck design to deliver outstanding results. This innovative design is available for all deck sizes, so you don’t have to worry about opting for a particular model to reap its benefits.

Additionally, the integrated hydrostatic transmission function within these Series models gives users the convenience of Twin Touch™ foot transaxle control. This factor ensures problem-free operation and high maneuverability for a seamless mowing experience.

As in the case of other Series, you can further enhance your lawn care experience by adding the optional Mulch Control™ system. It uses one-touch technology to provide optimal mulching capabilities.

Breaking it down by models, the X570 offers hydraulic lift and steering in 48- and 54-inch deck sizes. The X580, on the other hand, features hydraulic power steering, an adjustable tilt steering wheel, and a hydraulic lift lever to aid in better control and comfort during use.

The X584 model stands out with its four-wheel power steering, available for 48 and 54-inch mower decks.

Meanwhile, the X590 lawn tractor model takes it up a notch with electronic throttle control and two-wheel power steering for enhanced precision and handling. This model also comes in 48 and 54-inch deck options.

X700 Signature Series

Switching gears to the X700 Signature Series, customers can, once again, choose between two types of mower deck designs. This time around, these are the Accel Deep™ mower deck and High-Capacity mower deck.

The 48-inch deck size models boast the Accel Deep™ mower deck design, while those with 54 and 60-inch decks feature the robust High-Capacity mower deck.

The High-Capacity deck’s exceptional durability and strength make it stand out. Its design improves airflow, ensuring all mows produce a clean and even cut.

It uses a Power Flow™ collection system as well. This efficient system aids in evenly dispersing grass clippings and prevents any material buildup, guaranteeing a well-maintained lawn.

No matter the model, all X700 Signature Series lawn tractors come equipped with a hydraulic power lift system for seamless maneuvering and control.

The X734, X739, and X754 models feature hydrostatic four-wheel steering for maximum precision and stability on rough terrain.

In contrast, the X730, X738, X750, and X758 models provide hydrostatic two-wheel steering for optimal handling and reliability.

Warranty and Price Point Comparison

When considering the warranty and price point of various lawn tractor series, it’s clear that each offers its own unique advantages.

In terms of affordability, both the X300 and X500 Series lawn tractor models stand out with their lower price points in comparison to the X700 Series. The price range for the X300 Series falls between $3,799 and $7,499, while the X500 Series ranges from $7,799 to $10,149.

Still, the X300 and X500 Series’ warranty and price ranges are higher than lower-tier alternatives, such as the S100 and S200 Series. Although they don’t quite measure up to the coverage provided by the X700 Series, they provide a balance between cost-efficiency and reliable warranty support.

SeriesBumper-to-Bumper WarrantyPrice
X330 — 42-inch Deck4-year/300 hour$3,799
X330 — 48-inch Deck4-year/300 hour$4,399
X350 — 42-inch Deck4-year/300 hour$3,999
X350 — 48-inch Deck4-year/300 hour$4,599
X350R — 42-inch rear-discharge deck4-year/300 hour$5,999
X354 — 42-inch Deck4-year/300 hour$4,899
X370 — 42-inch Deck4-year/300 hour$4,999
X380 — 48-inch Deck4-year/300 hour$5,499
X380 — 54-inch Deck4-year/300 hour$5,799
X384 — 48-inch Deck4-year/300 hour$6,499
X390 — 48-inch Deck4-year/300 hour$6,699
X390 — 54-inch Deck4-year/300 hour$6,999
X394 — 48-inch Deck4-year/300 hour$7,499
SeriesBumper-to-Bumper WarrantyPrice
X570 — 48-inch Deck4-year/500 hour$7,799
X570 — 54-inch Deck4-year/500 hour$8,099
X580 — 54-inch Deck4-year/500 hour$9,099
X584 — 48-inch Deck4-year/500 hour$9,749
X584 — 54-inch Deck4-year/500 hour$10,149
X590 — 48-inch Deck4-year/500 hour$10,049
X590 — 54-inch Deck4-year/500 hour$9,999

When examining the premium X700 Series models, one can expect to find an elevated price range starting at $13,989 and reaching up to $17,729.

Even though this pricing may be significantly higher compared to the other John Deere series models, it’s crucial to highlight the exceptional 4-year/700-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty that accompanies these top-of-the-line lawn tractors.

This Series offers top-notch quality and durability that justifies the higher investment when considering long-term performance and peace of mind.

SeriesBumper-to-Bumper WarrantyPrice
X730 — 48-inch Deck4-year/700-hour$13,989
X730 — 54-inch Deck4-year/700-hour$14,389
X730 — 60-inch Deck4-year/700-hour$14,889
X734 — 48-inch Deck4-year/700-hour$15,199
X734 — 54-inch Deck4-year/700-hour$15,599
X734 — 60-inch Deck4-year/700-hour$16,099
X738 — 48-inch Deck4-year/700-hour$15,609
X738 — 54-inch Deck4-year/700-hour$16,009
X738 — 60-inch Deck4-year/700-hour$16,509
X739 — 48-inch Deck4-year/700-hour$16,469
X739 — 54-inch Deck4-year/700-hour$16,869
X739 — 60-inch Deck4-year/700-hour$17,369
X750 — 48-inch Deck4-year/700-hour$15,209
X750 — 54-inch Deck4-year/700-hour$15,609
X750 — 60-inch Deck4-year/700-hour$16,109
X754 — 48-inch Deck4-year/700-hour$16,419
X754 — 54-inch Deck4-year/700-hour$16,819
X754 — 60-inch Deck4-year/700-hour$17,319
X758 — 48-inch Deck4-year/700-hour$16,829
X758 — 54-inch Deck4-year/700-hour$17,229
X758 — 60-inch Deck4-year/700-hour$17,729

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Final Thought

Before making a final decision on the most suitable John Deere lawn tractor for your landscape requirements, it’s crucial to delve deeper into the specifications of each model. Evaluating the unique features tailored to address specific needs and paying attention to factors like functionality, power, and maintenance will help you find the ideal machine for your property.

As you continue on your journey to select the right lawn tractor, don’t hesitate to reach out for support. It could be invaluable to share your concerns and inquiries with those experienced in the field.

We encourage you to engage in further discussion by dropping a comment below or contacting your local John Deere dealer for professional advice.

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Who makes the motors for John Deere lawn tractors?

John Deere lawn tractors are equipped with powerful engines that provide the necessary muscle for efficient mowing. These motors are manufactured by various engine companies, including Briggs & Stratton, Kawasaki, and Kohler. In some cases, John Deere even produces their own engines for specific models.

The choice of engine is largely dependent on power requirements and model specifications, ensuring that each tractor performs optimally to meet the needs of consumers.

Briggs & Stratton engines are renowned for their reliability and durability, while Kawasaki engines boast superior performance thanks to advanced technology. Kohler, on the other hand, offers innovative and environmentally friendly solutions that deliver consistent results.

How many hours will a John Deere lawn tractor last?

A John Deere lawn tractor’s lifespan is often subject to factors such as usage, maintenance, and overall care. Typically, these tractors can last around 500 to 1,500 hours of use. However, proper maintenance and adherence to manufacturer guidelines can increase this figure significantly.

To get the most out of a John Deere lawn tractor, performing routine maintenance tasks such as cleaning debris from the mower deck, changing oil filters, and sharpening blades are crucial.

The quality and longevity of a John Deere lawn tractor are also tied to how it’s stored during the off-season. Remember to remove fuel, use fuel stabilizer, and keep the tractor in a cool, dry location. Proper storage techniques contribute to the preservation of its components.

What is the best time of year to buy a John Deere mower?

Discounts and seasonal sales play a substantial role when exploring the best time of year to purchase a John Deere mower. Typically, retailers offer end-of-season deals to clear older models from their inventory and make room for new arrivals.

Such timing generally falls towards late summer or early fall. Take advantage of these sales to get a great deal on a John Deere lawn tractor while benefiting from less competition among other buyers.

Another suitable time to purchase is during spring sales events. Discounts may not be as significant as end-of-season deals. Yet, this option allows buyers to access new models and use the mower at the beginning of the mowing season.

Ultimately, the best period for each buyer depends on individual preferences and budget considerations.

What is the most popular John Deere tractor produced?

The John Deere 4020 tractor claims the title for the most popular model ever produced by the company. Launched in 1963, the 4020 laid the foundation for modern tractors thanks to its extraordinary versatility and cutting-edge technology. With a powerful engine, innovative features like PowerShift transmission, and advanced hydraulic systems, it became an iconic tractor loved by farmers across the nation.

What is the best-selling John Deere tractor model?

Regarding current best-selling models, the John Deere E100 Series emerges as a consumer favorite in lawn tractors.

In particular, the E120 and E130 models stand out for their perfect combination of affordability, versatility, and user-friendly design. Offering comfort and easy maintenance, these tractors cater to homeowners who require reliable machines for regular mowing tasks.

Whatever your choice may be, John Deere tractors promise durability, efficiency, and unmatched performance throughout their range.

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