[Must Know] 5 Plants That Look Like Peace Lily

by Shelley Ryffe
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What are the plants that look like peace lily? The heartleaf philodendron plant is a common indoor plant that looks like a peace lily when it blooms. Besides this plant, we found some other plants that look closest to the little angel peace lily. Before introducing you to those plants, let’s first learn what peace lilies look like?

Peace lily comes with an elegant and beautiful look with its dark green leaves and white flowers. Whether it’s light or bright sunlight, the peace lilies can live anywhere. Just don’t put it under direct sunlight.

Basically, when comparing the lilies and other plants, you would like the lilies over other plants. But unfortunately, peace lilies are rare to find in some regions.

If you’re living in a place where peace lilies are hard to find, you must look for alternatives. Let’s now introduce those alternative plants.

Know the Plants That Look Like Peace Lily?

plants look like peace lily

The elegant looks and the ways of living make the peace lily a perfect indoor decorative plant. Indeed, some indoor plants look like peace lilies and can live indoors.

It was tough for us to find plants, including the appearance of peace lilies. Still, we’ve got some plants with research and listed them here to decorate your indoor.

Heart Leaf Philodendron Plants

The heart leaf philodendron comes first when it comes to the plant that looks like a peace lily. The peace lily has dark green oval leaves that go close to the philodendron plant’s heart-shaped leaves.

But the plant looks like the peace lily only after they bloom, and the philodendron plant blooms once a year.

The philodendron plants grow and live in light to moderate sunlight. Furthermore, this philodendron plant is an excellent choice for home and office decoration with a green heart shape.

Cast Iron Plant

Cast iron is another plant that looks like the peace lily plants. Unlike the Heart leaf philodendron, the cast iron plant has dark green oval leaves that take the plants close to the peace lily plant.

Although the cast iron has oval leaves like a peace lily, they aren’t so glamorous. Besides, the leaves are harder than peace lilies.

The cast iron plant grows well in the hot season and environment. But, in the colder season and environment, it’s difficult for the cast iron plant to live and grow.

Anthurium Plant

The anthurium plant is another similar-looking plant of the peace lily. Frankly speaking, the anthurium plants are more elegant and attractive than the peace lily.

Like the peace lily, the anthurium plant also comprises oval-shaped leaves. Nevertheless, their leaves are red and green, whereas the peace lily’s leaves are only green.

Andromeda’s Umbellate or Bell

If you’ve never seen Andromeda’s umbellate or bell-shaped flowers, you can mistake the flower with the peace lily. Unbelievably, the valleys from Andromeda’s umbellate flowers almost look like the flower of a peace lily.

The only dissimilarity between these two plants is that andromeda’s umbellate comes with glossy dark green leaves. Contrarily, the peace lily has dark green oval-shaped leaves.

Flamingo Flower

Let’s come to our last pick, the Flamingo flower – another plant that produces colorful plants but looks like the peace lily. Extraordinarily, the flamingo flower houseplant produces eye-catching and long-lasting flowers, and the plant itself lives for a long time.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Plant Looks Like A Peace Lily?

The heartleaf philodendron plant’s blooms almost look similar to the peace lily flowers. The plant can bloom once at any time throughout the year.

Are There 2 Types of Peace Lilies?

Peace lilies aren’t only 2 types; instead, you’ll get peace lily varieties of types. Some of the most renowned peace lilies are jet diamond peace lilies, jetty peace lilies, little angel peace lilies, Patricia peace lilies, Piccolino peace lilies, sensation peace lilies, and so on.

Are Sensation Plant and Peace Lily the Same?

The sensation plant is a type of peace lily that is grown inside the house. Although it’s a version of the peace lilies, it produces large and deeply ribbed leaves compared to regular lilies.

Is Spathiphyllum Same as A Peace Lily?

Yes, the Spathiphyllum is alternatively known as the peace lily. It’s a highly known houseplant that grows with easy care and low light.

Why Are They Called Peace Lilies?

The name Spathiphyllum is derived from two Greek words Spathe and leaf. The words mean a leaf from the leaflike spathe.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAs it’s an ancient name, people mostly like to call the flowers in a simple and common name, peace lilies.


How beautiful the peace lilies look at your south or west-facing windows! You should know that if you love the lilies that much.

But, if your place doesn’t have peace lilies, you must love the plants that look like peace lilies, right? We know how important the peace lily is to you; that’s why we compiled a list of plants that look like peace lily’s plant.

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