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Scotts Broadcast Spreader Settings | A Complete Charts for Diff Products

What are the Scotts broadcast spreader settings? It refers to the specific setting you must use while using fertilizer, lime pellets, or grass seeds.

The settings are different from product to product. Using the wrong setting will result in inefficiency. So, we will talk about the Scotts broadcast spreader settings for various types of products.

Scotts Broadcast Spreader Settings Chart for Various Products

Among different Spreaders, the Scott Broadcast is very prominent. There are variants in the broadcast series as well. Below we will cover the Scotts accessible hand-held broadcast spreader settings. The settings are the same for all the broadcast series, so you can follow the chart we provide.

Furthermore, the table we are including is for Scotts broadcast spreader settings lbs per 1000 sq ft. Because 1000 sq ft is the standard, we consider using a spreader; also, you must follow the setting for each product type correctly to utilize your spreader efficiently. While using the wrong setting, you will notice that either the products you are using while remain or get finished way before you are done.

Scotts Broadcast Spreader Settings For Grass

ConcernNewly SeedingOverseeding
Sun & Shade Mix8 ¼5 ½
Fenway Park42 ¼
Dense Shade107 ½

The chart above applies to the Scotts broadcast spreader settings for 13-13-13 for 1000 SF. So, if you are going to use the sun and shade for your bare lawn, you have to use the setting eight ¼ while using the broadcast spreader. Again, for overseeing, you have to use 5.5 with the sun and shade mix. The manufacturer suggests using these settings gives you the best output when using the sun and shade mix.

Meanwhile, for Fenway Park, for newly seeding, you need to use 4. The Scotts broadcast spreader settings for overseeding is 2 ½. The setting is comparatively lower than the sun and shade as the product isn’t dense. We recommend you not to exceed the setting as you won’t get the best output.

Use 7 ½ if you plan to overseed with the dense shade mix. Furthermore, you have to use ten if you want to use it for a new lawn for newly seeding. The following setting is similar to the Scotts broadcast spreader settings for ryegrass seed with a few minor tweaks. Also, you can use these settings for a 13-13-13, which means 7 pounds. But make sure to tweak the settings if you use more than 7 pounds of product.

You can check out the Scotts spreader settings conversion chart for all types of spreaders.

Scotts Broadcast Spreader Settings For Lime And Gypsum

  Concern  Initial Setting  Maintenance Setting
Limestone Pellets105
Gypsum Pellets106

The Scotts broadcast spreader settings for pelletized lime initially is 10. The setting is the same for the edgeguard if you are using limestone pellets. Also, when using a spreader for your limestone pellets, you must use the proper settings. Otherwise, the ground Ph level will be disrupted. So, we recommend you strictly follow the settings and push your spreader forward. If you pull it backward, then some of your limestones will be wasted.

Again, the Scotts pro edgeguard broadcast spreader settings for maintaining is 5 and 5.5. Make sure you don’t use a 6; otherwise, you will run out of your product before covering 1000 SF. Furthermore, there is a chance that you won’t get the desired Ph level. So, follow the setting accurately.

The Scotts broadcast spreader settings for gypsum when you use the gypsum for the first time is 10. It’s the same as when you use limestone pellets. You can tweak it to 10.5 or 11, depending on the different products you add. But make sure to add a precise amount of product for a higher setting.

For maintenance, the Scotts mini broadcast spreader settings are 6 or 5. Keep in mind that this setting is also applicable while you are using the elite broadcast spreader. As we are mentioning the setting for 1000 SF, you have to use the given settings. For the higher ground, you might need to increase the settings.

Scotts Broadcast Spreader Settings For 10-10-10 Fertilizer

  Concern  Setting
Lawn Food4
Crabgrass Preventer3.5
Weed & Feed3.5

The Scotts elite broadcast spreader settings when using the Lawn Food fertilizer is 4. Moreover, when using any type of fertilizers, the settings are always 4 to 3.5, sometimes 3 in case of any spreaders. Although it’s applicable for 10-10-10 for 1000 SF. It’s different when you use additional Lbs of fertilizers for 1000 SF or more.

So, if you use the Crabgrass prev, the appropriate setting is 3.5. Similarly, for the weed and feed, it’s also 3.5. But use more than 5; otherwise, it will be overkill for your plant, and they might die. Make sure to place the lever of your spreader in OFF while using the spreader for fertilizer. It prevents excess fertilizers from being released. Always push your spreader forwards. Using the wrong setting wastes your product which is bad for your lawn and your money.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are all Scotts broadcast spreader settings the same?

Yes, for most Scotts broadcasts, the spreader settings are the same. Only in the case of products the settings are different. Again, for fertilizers, they are the same.


Knowing the correct spreader settings matters as it will determine the outcome of your lawn. If you keep using the wrong setting, it will harm your property. Furthermore, it will waste the product and your money as well. Above, you can see the proper settings for various products such as grass seed, gypsum, lime, and fertilizers.

Follow the Scotts broadcast spreader settings to make the best use of your spreader. Also, the settings are the same for all the broadcast spreader models, so you don’t have to worry about anything else.

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