Why Are The Edges Of My Sod Turning Brown- Quick Solutions with Reasons

by Shelley Ryffe
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Why Are The Edges Of My Sod Turning Brown

Have you noticed lots of brown spots on your sod lately? And wondering why are the edges of my sod turning brown? Mostly, the reason is not watered correctly, or water is not getting into the roots well.

Well, don’t worry at all. We have got your back. Dead sod can be revived again if you figure out the reason behind it and solve it.

In this article, you’ll find all the possible causes of the sod in your lawn turning brown. The solutions are also given step by step to rejuvenate your sod. So, let’s get to the details now.

Why Are The Edges Of My Sod Turning Brown

As we mentioned already that the edges of sod turn brown when the sod dries out for the lack of water or when drought occurs.

Sod is just grass in general, but these grasses are held together by their roots like a carpet. Sometimes the sod becomes dead even after installation. Well, there are some key factors for those brown sod.

Sod can stay dormant in brown color for about more than 1-2 months.

However, the possible reasons behind new sod turning brown around edges and its effective solutions are given below:

Reasons for the sod-turning brownSolutions
Lack of sod wateringWater your sod properly
Improper mowing of sodAvoid trimming or mowing grasses too short
Soil compactionPick up the sod and aerate the compacted soil
Providing excessive fertilizerStop fertilizing unnecessarily
Floating sodRun a lawn roller after watering
Poor installationContact a professional and settle the soil in a proper way
No contact between roots and soilFill up with enough soil underneath
Pest infestationUse fungicides or pesticides
Walking on the new sodAvoid or prevent walking at least 10 days after installation

We hope you are clear enough about all the common reasons for the sod-turning brown from the above table.

Now, let’s see how to save dying sod:

  • If your sod is dying because of a pest or fungal attack, bring some pesticides or fungicides. You can visit any agricultural office and get guidelines to get rid of this pest infestation.
  • So, your sod is dying because of premature or improper mowing? You can save those brown sod by skipping mowing for a few days. Allow them to grow a bit longer.
  • Is it the air pocket between the soil ground and the sod? Fill up the soil with compost soil. It will revive the brown sod by creating a nutrient pathway.
  • Maybe, your sod isn’t getting proper moisture and water even after watering regularly, Make a hole in the soil. It will make enough drainage system to pass water to the roots of grasses.
  • Remove the dead grasses. It will make room for the new grown sod.

However, The possibility of saving a dying sod depends on some key factors. It’s quite easy to take care of them. Just follow some simple steps to turn your half-dead sod lively and lush again.

First of all, Figure out the problem of your sod getting brown. Secondly, Prepare your lawn in the right manner. Thirdly, use your lawn booster properly.

The most crucial part, watering your lawn or sod regularly. In most cases, the issue occurs because of a lack of watering and moisture. Last but not least, follow-through.

How Long Does It Take For Brown Sod To Turn Green

Are you watering your sod but didn’t see any change?

Well, watering will not change the color of the sod overnight. Sometimes newly laid sod gets brown too. It’s because of those shallow roots of newly laid sod.

So, don’t panic at all. You might see the results within a week or two to revive the brown sod if they are not dead yet.

Keep patience and take immediate action to take proper care of your sod. Don’t expect results overnight. Otherwise, you might get disappointed.

If the roots of sod are still alive, the new leaves of grass will approximately grow in 7 to10 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can brown sod be saved?

Yes, the brown sod can be saved. To save and restore the brown sod, you need to water them properly. Avoid using excessive fertilizer. Try not to mow your sod grasses too short.

Why are the edges of my lawn brown?

The edges of your lawn turn brown when the sod dries out for the lack of water or when drought occurs. Other factors can be behind it, such as unnecessary fertilization, poor installation, compacted soil, or improper mowing. So, when the sod or grasses get enough requirements, they will turn back to green sod again.

Can too much water turn your grass brown?

Not so accurately, but it does damage to your grasses. Too much watering can turn your grass yellow. When your sod gets too much water, it takes all the nutrients and fertilizers washed away. And as it is known, anything excessive is always harmful.

How long does it take for brown sod to turn green?

It might take 1 to 3 week for brown sod to turn green again if they are not dead yet. This brown color mainly occurs because of dormancy. In this case, keep patience and water them regularly. Give them proper care to experience the change.

Final Words

We hope you got the answer to why are the edges of my sod turning brown? Take immediate action whenever you notice your sod-turning brown. An adequate amount of watering and a proper irrigation system will change the look of your lawn sod.

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