How to Fix Burnt Grass from Weed and Feed- Simple and Safe Fertilizing

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How to Fix Burnt Grass

Who doesn’t love to see her lawn green? To keep the lawn full of healthy and greener grasses, fertilizer works as the best feed. But following the wrong fertilizer or a fertilizing technique can burn out your lawn and leave you with dry, brown, dead grasses here and there. So, how to fix burnt grass from weed and feed?

Proper watering can fix the grass. However, some other ways may be required based on the grass condition.

Here we will discuss the simple fixes of burnt lawn with the right fertilizing techniques, elaborating step by step.

Also, we assure to suggest the top fertilizer brands. Can’t wait to see the desired look of your lawn? Then let’s get started right away.

How to Fix Burnt Grass from Weed and Feed: Mistakes and Remedies

In this part, we will show you some common mistakes that can lead your lawn grasses to burn out. Also, we have a brief discussion on 3 common mistakes with corresponding remedies. To avoid confusion, stay with us till the end. We assure you of the most authentic and widely accepted solutions.

Common MistakesPossible Remedies in Short
Over-fertilizingScoop up the extra fertilizer with some soil
Insufficient wateringInstall water sprinkler or use any manual water sprinkling equipment
Setting error of fertilizer spreaderMake sure the amount of fertilizer your lawn needs and set it on the spreader.

Have a quick check if you are making any of the above mistakes.

Now we will go for a far more elaborated discussion for each mistake and a step by step tutorial of how to repair burnt grass from weed and feed. But if your lawn is not burning for these three reasons, there must be bug issues or disease.

Over Fertilizing

While fertilizing manually, this is one of the most frequent mistakes that happen. You might not notice it immediately until a few hours or a day passes, then the grasses start to turn brown.

In this case, immediately try to remove the extra fertilizer before the soil soaks it. If it doesn’t help, remove a scoop of soil from the spot.

Insufficient Watering

Although fertilizing in a precise way, you might not still get the desired look of your lawn. Here the questions arise that, “How frequently you are watering your lawn?”

Your lawn basically requires a regular supply of water which you can ensure by installing one or more (as per the area of your lawn) water sprinklers or can use any manual sprinkling equipment if you are maintaining a tight budget. However, no matter which technique you are applying, try to water your lawn at least twice a day.

Setting Error of Fertilizer Spreader

If you use a fertilizer spreader to spread the fertilizer on your lawn, you have surely noticed the levelling switch on it. This switch can come with different ranges (typically up to five levels).

If you have already set the level on the spreader, you might still need to have a check on it before every use. As the setting error can result in a total mess to your lawn that you might notice only after the burning of the grasses already took place.

How to Get Burnt Grass Green Again

Now, if the mistakes have already taken place, then the question comes to, “Will burnt grass come back?”. The answer is YES! Here are some simple steps to get burnt grass green again,

  1. Remove the most out of the dead grasses and debris of the burnt spot. You can use a metal rake, hoe or simply scissors.
  2. Loosen the soil down about two inches.
  3. Mow the area the keep the surrounded grasses at most one inch tall.
  4. Add a one-inch layer of composite.
  5. Apply a one-inch layer of topsoil over the composite layer.
  6. Spread adequate fertilizer and grass seeds.
  7. Cover it up with a thin layer of peat moss so that the seeds don’t drain away with water (also to hide from birds).

This is the sequence that tells you how to turn yellow grass green fast. Follow the procedure thoroughly to get the green grasses within weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you revive burnt grass from fertilizer?

The burnt grass of your lawn can be revived by applying a generous amount of water. As soon as you spot any portion of your lawn that is frequently turning yellowish or brown after fertilizing, try to water right away. Keep watering until you see green grasses appearing again, and It might take weeks to revive. If it doesn’t, then try to take out the burnt grasses, use a garden weasel and re-prepare the soil.

Will burnt grass from fertilizer come back?

If the spots are holding dead grasses tightly (that means grasses have spread deeper roots), it can easily revive only by applying an adequate amount of water. So, what you’ll need to do is take out the loose grasses of the spot and keep watering regularly.

Can Scotts Weed and Feed burn your lawn?

Scotts weed and feed is one of the widely used products of lawn fertilizing. If you have a study online, you will find plenty of positive reviews of the users with some negatives saying, u0022Scotts weed and feed burned my lawn” which are basically happened due to user errors. So the brand you are using doesn’t really matter at all. If you make errors while applying, any weed and feed can burn your lawn.


If you’ve reached this far, you surely understand how to fix burnt grass from weed and feed. It is better to stay aware of the common mistakes before fertilizing your lawn.

We encourage you to go for protective actions rather than to prevent them. If you still have more queries, there are plenty of free counselling agencies to help you out.

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