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Echo 2620 Vs 2620t- What Will Be the Better Option?

by Jack Grover
Reading time: 14 min Prefer to listen?

What is the major difference between the Echo SRM 22620 and 2026t? However, after a deep study we got is the gear ratio is the biggest difference. The Echo 2026t has a 2: 1 gear ratio, and 2620 offers a 1.62: 1 gear ratio.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

So, don’t stop reading now! You will learn everything there is to know about echo 2620 vs 2620t. In addition, we share our views based on some crucial features that you might consider while purchasing.

Besides, you will find that the trimmer works the same in some cases. Whatever the case, this blog will be a money-saving formula for you.

Echo 2620 Vs 2620t Table Comparision

Key PointsEcho 22620Echo 22620t
TorqueAn average torqueMore powerful torque
Weight12.6 lbs including cutting head and 11.7 lbs without head12.8lbs  including cutting head and 11.9 without cutting head
Build QualityImpressive build QualityWell-built machine
PriceAffordable priceA bit expensive.

Does the above table seem helpful to you? We hope so, at least from our perspective. And, now you are thinking, will it be better if we elaborate the facts briefly below, right?

Before we go any further, you should know the facts where both two types of trimmers are all the same.

These similarities are:

  • Cutting head speed
  • Air filtration
  • Engine
  • Rubber front-rear hand grips, etc
  • Fuel capacity
  • Design.

Now, let us break down the comparison facts with 100% honest reviews.

What you should do is stick with us here.

We Would Love to Recommend: The Echo 2620t for Better Torque Power and Premium Features

Echo 2620t

Why we recommend the Echo 2620t

Above all, we can say the 2620t is an upgraded version of 2620 having a bit of improvement. Most users like the combination of cutting speed with powerful torque.

Isn’t it better to go with the more improved version?

Impressive gear reduction and super lightweight motivate us to choose to suggest you the 2620t.

Highly Powerful Torque Ensures Smooth Trimming

This is one of the key reasons we keep the Echo SRM 2620t at the top. Having a strong torque means you will get an impressive trimming experience. Besides, it makes no difference in the level of grass and weeds in your lawn or garden; you will cut them property with the help of the shaft straight Echo 2620t.

The grass level on your lawn may not be the same.

No worries.

You don’t need to trim the grasses and other stuff repeatedly. But why?

This is because the one-time trimming is bare enough to level those expected grasses and woods. The 2: 1 gear reduction makes the engine charm up to perform any lawn.

Advanced Build Quality with Lightweight Feature

The Echo 2620t is also impressive when it comes to building quality. However, the decent build quality makes the trimmer so lightweight. This means you will be able to operate the trimmer for a long time until you are done with the trimming.

Therefore, the weight is almost 12.6lbs, with 8oz of fuel onboard. Furthermore, the shaft housing is made of aluminum.

A 25.4cc professional-grade stunning 2.0 stroke engine makes the trimmer more efficient.

We know you are wondering about the grip, and we also have something positive to say in this case.

The rubber front-rear hands grip makes it easier to carry the trimmer properly. Besides, the essential components of the trimmer are covered with plastic covers.

You can also read How Echo fights the battle when it’s about Echo PAS vs Stihl Kombi chainsaw.

Compelling Trimming Performance Makes Your Lawn Look Super Clean

The reason for the persuasive performance is an incredible cutting speed. You can trim the grass with Speed-Feed 400 cutting. Of course, you can find the same cutting speed with the Echo 2620. But, the improved and more powerful torque boosts the 2620t performance a bit.

Now, let’s know from a user who shared his positive views regarding the Echo 2620t on the official website of Echo-USA.

He says,

“Bought this to do trimming around the house and do a bit of brush clearing from time to time, and man, this thing has a lot of power. Since my purchase, I have used it several times in everything from really heavy weeds to light everyday maintenance, and it has no problems doing anything I have thrown at it.”

Nevertheless, we can’t disagree with this statement. 2620 will take its stand if you compare it with any modern-day string trimmers.

Bottom Line

We believe you’ve come to know precisely why we recommend the T-series of the Echo 2620 trimmer. However, you may have some concerns with a little bit of extra pricing. Above all, if you are searching for the best lawn trimmer for professional use, the Echo 2620t is for you.

You have come to realize my points, right?

But wait! There’s more to come.

Our Second Recommendation: The Echo 2620 For Affordable Price and Satisfying Maintenance

Echo 2620t

You can undoubtedly buy the Echo 2620 if you don’t focus on the extra torque of the 2620t.

Sounds good?

However, even in some cases, there’s no significant performance difference just because of the difference in torque. Besides, 2620 is more economical with enough fuel tanks. Moreover, a high-powered engine with easy maintenance makes the trimmer stay in the race.

Reasonable Price Makes It Easier to Afford

The general rule of thumb is that you can buy the Echo 2620 for less than the 2620t. There is nearly a $30 difference. You’ve got this right if you think this is the core reason for buying it.


You know there’s not that much difference in performance, and you can get it with less money.

Despite having a pretty impressive build quality, the price seems pretty reasonable for this. At least one of the best in this budget range. This is a key fact regarding echo trimmer 2620 vs 2620t.

High Efficient Fuel Economy

You should look forward to buying the trimmer that has better fuel economy. So, the Echo 2620 will be the best in this case. The fuel capacity of 20.6 fl. oz. is bare enough to ensure long-time cutting. In addition, you don’t need to change or refill the fuel tank repeatedly.

Some people may believe that better fuel economy means less engine power. But this is not true. You will be able to cut grasses for a long time without any hustle with the 2620 trimmer.

The stunning build quality also makes the trimmer super-efficient.

That’s not the end. The two-stage air filtration system is another unavoidable feature of the Echo SRM 2620.

Like the Echo 2620t, let’s hear about the Echo 2620 from a regular user,

“Love this trimmer. Great power and lightweight. Fuel consumption is a thumbs-up as well. Would highly recommend this trimmer to anyone. Have had similar versions of the speed feed head before, so I wasn’t surprised by this one. Head releases line great and restring easily as well. Can’t wait for the long-term reliability of the echo equipment.”

Impressive Cutting Performance

It makes no difference in the type of grass you have; 2620 will perform the best. You can easily cut or trim the thick and tall grasses.

But wait, there’s more.

It offers the Speed-Feed® 400 cutting head, which is impressive for the toughest of cutting. Besides, you will find enough ease because of the light vibration! Yes, you read that right.

Imagine what it would be like to use a trimmer, and your hand is continuously shaking?

To sum up, the high-performance engine with the combination average torque won’t waste your money.

Bottom Line

If you ask us a direct question, “Can I buy the Echo 2620?” We will encourage you in this case. You can buy the Echo 2026 if you won’t mind sacrificing a bit of gear ratio or toque. Overall, you can also use the trimmer for industrial use. That’s all that really matters!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between Echo 2620 u0026amp; 2620t?

The most common difference is the torque. You will have much more powerful torque with the Echo 2620t than 2620. Besides, there is a slight difference regarding the pricing. Above all, both types of trimmers will provide you with similar benefits in some cases. However, the Echo 2620t is a bit more advanced than the Echo 2620 in some features, performance to be more precise.

How many cubic centimeters is an Echo 2620?

The Echo 2620 comes with a 25.4 cc, 2-stroke engine. Having this number of cc in an engine is bare enough for any string trimmer. However, if you are searching for one of the best lawn trimmers with the most powerful cc, the Echo 2620 will be one of your best choices. Besides, you can have a better maintenance experience with the type of professional-grade engineer on a lawn trimmer.

Which One Wins the Trimming Battle?

We’ve shown all the possible facts you need to know about echo 2620 vs 2620t. Both the trimmers are impressive and may not create any significant differences regarding performance. However, if you have to use your trimmer through the complex and rough grass or weeds, you can go with 2620 because it has more torque.

Pricing is an avoidable fact here. If you have a comparatively lower budget, purchasing the Echo 2620 for your lawn will be better. However, choose anyone from these string trimmers. And, you’d be right.

Now the choice is yours!

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